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  1. Power of Purple

    Quit Your [ hundin] ing

    I guess...but is he the only guy out there? lol doubtful
  2. Power of Purple

    ATTN: All Those Now Bailing Out On TCU Football

    I think this is the right answer. Lots of grandstanding. In the end they tune in. Are you telling me none of y'all would show up for a CFP 2023 game if Tapefingers is OC? Doubtful :confused:
  3. Power of Purple

    ATTN: All Those Now Bailing Out On TCU Football

    That's what I'm saying. As an erstwhile fan that got caught up in this season and wants to commit to going to more games, I will gladly take seats from anyone who is out now that Tapefingers in on campus.
  4. Power of Purple

    Is Kendal Briles a serious candidate?

    This is where I fall on this. Would rather we not have anything to do with this guy...but still pulling for TCU.
  5. Power of Purple

    Watch out Colorado is Coming

    Fired in 3 years
  6. Power of Purple

    Watch out Colorado is Coming

    easy win for the Frogs. 66-0
  7. Power of Purple

    TCU Nike Dunks

    $125 https://www.nike.com/t/dunk-high-retro-mens-shoes-58RDVM/DV0829-500
  8. Power of Purple

    Don't look now:

    They are hiring him. Time we just accept it. Anyone who doesn't want to use their tickets anymore I will gladly take them!
  9. Power of Purple

    Kendre gone…

    Good luck Kendre! Sorry it ended lame. You will do fine in NFL
  10. Power of Purple

    Walker Howard (5* QB) to TCU?

    This transfer portal stuff had turned ncaaf into European soccer
  11. Power of Purple

    Good news

    KM could probably declare and be fine. I'd love to see him play in the title game our 2023 bowl game healthy. Dude is a force healthy.
  12. Power of Purple

    Does anyone still think the air raid will get us a NC?

    Why? Georgia just played just as physical and taxing emotional game and we did and played fine on Monday
  13. Power of Purple

    Garrett Riley to Clemson

    confused why anyone would want work for Clemsux
  14. Power of Purple

    Need TCU Merch (MOD EDIT: Help a Frog Fan out if you are in FW and are going to the game)

    Shoutout to Panther City Frog. He stopped by the TCU bookstore and then met me in front of Sofi before the game after smuggling them in! Big thanks for helping a Virginia Frog out that needed some new merch! He was super nice-sorry the game didn't go so well! We'll be back soon hopefully...
  15. Power of Purple

    Georgia, the biggest game on TCU's schedule

    No question Georgia is talented and they may have the #1 pick in the draft in DT Jalen Carter, but the kid to watch out for 6-4/230 TE Brock Bowers. TCU will try to match up with him using both LBers and safeties and how they compete will be key to this game. you called it. And we had no answer.
  16. Power of Purple

    It's early - portal time that is - current listing

    Need to look elsewhere for more durability
  17. Power of Purple

    Ya Got Beat. So What.

    expand on this?
  18. Power of Purple

    Sam Jackson is in the transfer portal

    I had this same thought...but maybe naïve optimism? The impact you can have would be much larger at a TCU than at a UGA. UGA you are just one of the crowd although you play for SEC/CFP every year so that is very attractive.