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  1. Frog45

    DMN: TCU athletic director urges Congress to step in as NIL deals upend college sports

    Crap. Sorry I'm bringing the average down so bad.
  2. Frog45

    Smew is Now a Must-Win

    Isn't it always?
  3. Frog45

    TCU vs WVU Game Time

    And all TCU fans stuck in youth sports hell on Saturdays (me) rejoice!
  4. Frog45

    Duggan Cut By Chargers

    Watched some Chargers to try and see some of the frogs there. I’m not sure what Easton Stick showed to stick around either.
  5. Frog45

    Fox announcers: Buffs to come out in Saturday's game wearing all white

    Is this symbolism for the white flag they'll be waving mid 3Q?
  6. Frog45

    FWST: Georgia showed TCU the gap to a national title. Sonny Dykes laid out what is needed

    Probably monitor police chatter for their street races.
  7. Frog45

    103 degrees now long range forecast for Sept. 2nd...

    My wife is from Denver. Her dad is 75 and a CU grad who will be in town for a wedding. We flat out told him for his own health and safety he does not get to go.
  8. Frog45

    FWST: Was SMU’s successful recruitment of two TCU players the reason the Skillet is toast?

    The article was meh. The headline is absolute trash. There's a reason I used to demand to write my own headlines as a writer.
  9. Frog45

    247 Sports: Hell's Half Acre, Fort Brewery collaborate on Hell's Half Lager to benefit the Flying T Club

    My wife is throwing a 40th birthday party for me at Fort Brewery soon. I will need to make it a requirement that this is the only beer consumed.
  10. Frog45

    TCU at TECH 2015 What a game!

    I woke up my young daughter yelling on Green's catch. Wife was not pleased.
  11. Frog45

    BroBible: TCU Coach Sonny Dykes Had Some Scathing Conference Realignment Takes

    Leaving the journalism profession in 2008 remains the best decision I ever made. I would rather drink bleach then make a living writing headlines like that.
  12. Frog45

    OT: Why Did You Choose Your KF.c Handle?

    I was a freshman at TCU and 45 was my basketball number in MS/HS.
  13. Frog45

    Brayden Taylor will attend MLB draft Sunday, recent buzz suggest he may go 6th to A’s

    Slot for that spot last year was about $3.5 million. Congratulations Brayden!
  14. Frog45

    Say a prayer...

    Worked a track meet event with him a few years ago. Treated me like he had known me for years. Condolences to his family.
  15. Frog45

    Colorado Will Beat You!

    I strongly recommend pants and long sleeves for the game
  16. Frog45

    Desmond Bane got paid!

    Supply and demand. We love capitalism, except in our sports.
  17. Frog45

    TCU extends contract with Nike

    The older crowd when they hear about potential uniform changes: