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  1. Cougar/Frog

    CBS Sports: Oklahoma coach Brent Venables, AD address Art Briles' on-field appearance: 'That's being dealt with'

    Brent wants to distract from his failures as a head coach. OU is going to have a very blah season and he will use anything he can to save his job. And if we are going to make AB a pariah forever, we need a much bigger list of similar coaches that sacrificed everything to win. Urban just...
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    The choice is dump the loser (nice guy/good defensive coordinator/ bad head coach) or just suck. Baylor being Baylor, Baylor will find a way to do both.
  3. Cougar/Frog

    Paper City: Dana Holgorsen Faces a Near Must Win Against TCU After Rice Debacle — UH and Its Coach Desperately Need to Bring the Belief Back In Big 12

    Dana is getting fired after this season. It is going to be a tough year for the Red Cougs and spotting opponents 28 points before the team shows up isn't going to work.
  4. Cougar/Frog

    FWST: TCU drew historic ratings in its season opener against Deion Sanders and Colorado

    It is important to show how the Big 12 draws for the TV folks. Coach Prime, for as long as he is at CU, will pull huge ratings every week and that is a huge plus for the conference.
  5. Cougar/Frog

    TCU vs Coach Prime and his fighting buffalos Prediction Thread

    Frogs 45 Buffs 17 200 Sanders views 250 yds rushing 325 yds passing
  6. Cougar/Frog

    AP: Potential new rivalries in Big 12 with Brigham Young becoming league's 3rd private Christian school

    When I attended TCU, a classmate mentioned that he grew up Lutheran in DFW and was told by Baptists he was not Christian. Another Texas born classmate, a Catholic, talked about being told he wasn't a Christian by the Baptists. Perhaps the Baptists and other Protestants can just stop pretending...
  7. Cougar/Frog

    CountryRebel: “Yellowstone” Star Cole Hauser Sees Son Off To College

    Recently watched that. It holds up pretty well. The Johns character could have been just a generic filler, but he added something more to it.
  8. Cougar/Frog

    The Pre-Season Hot Seat Thread!

    I suspect Jimbo will get a 10 win season before it gets too risky and then get another extension, Aggie doing the Aggie thing.
  9. Cougar/Frog

    The Pre-Season Hot Seat Thread!

    Next season will be big for Jimbo. If A&M loses to UT, even if A&M wins the rest of its games, it will be bye bye Jimbo. Venables got a huge pass, and got a great recruiting class. There were folks out there warning that Venables wouldn't be a great head coach and it looks like that is true...
  10. Cougar/Frog

    Texas Monthly: Texas Ranked Above TCU? Of Course—It’s the Preseason

    I love Sark, but he doesn't handle pressure well. At some point he will have a meltdown. He would be better off as an OC.
  11. Cougar/Frog

    Texas Monthly: Texas Ranked Above TCU? Of Course—It’s the Preseason

    No school underperforms better than UT. How long until Sark falls apart again?
  12. Cougar/Frog

    Sonny Dykes will be on Jim Rome Show today

    I haven't listened to Rome or sports talk in years, but I first listened to him when he was the fill-in scrub Saturday host in San Diego 30 years ago. "Have a take and do not suck" was his mantra from the beginning.
  13. Cougar/Frog

    'Blind Side' subject Oher alleges Tuohys made millions off lie

    There is a documentary about high school football in a poor neighborhood in Memphis, called Undefeated. Looks like it was not as rough an area as Oher's. Still difficult for talented kids to get to college. Last Chance U is full of talented players who don't make D1 football for lots of...
  14. Cougar/Frog

    Big 12 in position to poach Pac 12 schools?

    The promotion/relegation system would be great, but it would eliminate seasons like 2022 TCU. Given how things were, TCU would have hoping for promotion at best, instead of playing for the national championship. I am not saying it wouldn't work, but it would sure eliminate quick turnarounds...
  15. Cougar/Frog

    Big 12 in position to poach Pac 12 schools?

    We saw what the previous B12 commissioner did. We know BY is leaps and bounds better and more aggressive. Scott screwed up, but GK could have just been realistic and pushed the contract offered and saved his conference, instead of playing patty-cake. BY would have saved the PAC. GK...
  16. Cougar/Frog

    Which BIG12 addition are you most likely to visit?

    BYU and Utah are close together, but neither is close to Moab.
  17. Cougar/Frog

    Big 12 in position to poach Pac 12 schools?

    It was not a no-win situation. Imagine if the PAC had hired BY instead of GK. Given what has gone down, do you think BY might have made a few decisions that would have not only saved the PAC, but made it the #3 conference? Even given the myopia of the PAC presidents, BY would have worked...
  18. Cougar/Frog

    Big 12 in position to poach Pac 12 schools?

    I would rather PAC not die. PAC8 can backfill and reload. The B1G isn't going to overpay for Oregon and Washington. Let the PAC be clear #5 conference.
  19. Cougar/Frog

    FW Report: ‘Oppenheimer’ and the TCU professor who helped build the bomb

    Except that on August 19, 1945, the Chicago Tribune posted an article that said the Japanese had been offering to surrender for 7 months previously. MacArthur sent the propsal to FDR prior to Yalta. Yep, the same terms surrendered on except for the Emperor provision. The Chicago Tribune...