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  1. dawg

    Uniform Porn

    Black chrome dome looks awesome at night. LFG, boys!
  2. dawg

    Night game in Ames

    It's due to MLB playoffs: Fox has two ALDS games on Oct 7, both of which are slated for "Fox or FS1." https://www.cbssports.com/mlb/news/2023-mlb-playoffs-schedule-dates-tv-and-streaming-information-as-baseball-postseason-starts-oct-3/
  3. dawg

    I'm Warming Up To Briles

    What I was glad to see is we didn't abandon the run. SMOO had it rather well contained in the first half, but we stuck with it. Kept their defense honest, and the rush game came to life as we wore them down in the 2H. Also, Morris is looking more and more comfortable. That's an easy TD if he...
  4. dawg

    SMU mascot a murderer

    I'm no fan of the wHorns, but that was legitimately hilarious. "Let's bring a bulldog face to face with a two-ton steer . What's the worst that could happen?"
  5. dawg

    Quick SMU thoughts

    “Do you even KNOW how rich my dad is???!!!” That’s literally all they have and all they have ever been. scheiss SMOOOO.
  6. dawg

    New helmets vs. Houston?

    The Purple Chrome looks especially awesome at night. A great helmet.
  7. dawg

    Gameday Thread: Frogs and Cougars in H-Town

    Imma say it: This should be our default road uni. We look GOOOOOOOD.
  8. dawg

    2023-2024 European Football Thread

    My daughter had a match this, but I fully intend to savor that one later. Brighton are going to be a problem for a lot of clubs this year. Very, very well-run club at the moment.
  9. dawg

    Dammm infolinks

    Use Brave; you’ll never see another ad.
  10. dawg

    TCU vs the Houston Holgos prediction thread

    Frogs - 37 Coog HS - 34. Morris throws for 270
  11. dawg

    New helmets vs. Houston?

    That is a slick looking helmet. Love the matte purple and eyes on the Frog.
  12. dawg

    Week 2 Games

    And Colorado – Colorado State is on ESPN next week.
  13. dawg

    Week 2 Games

    Tree - 3 USC - 49 Final? No, halftime.
  14. dawg

    Week 2 Games

    “TCU transfer”is looking good, too. Wish he had stayed.
  15. dawg

    Week 2 Games

    IIRC he got injured last week.
  16. dawg

    Week 2 Games

    If someone offered me the Alamo Bowl, after the seven quarters of “TCU football 2023” I’ve watched, I’d GLADLY take it. It usually takes 8-9 wins to get there. We aren’t sniffing nine wins on current evidence.
  17. dawg

    Week 2 Games

    Followill’s a really good PbP guy. Glad he’s getting some national games.
  18. dawg

    Week 2 Games

    Something about a Tceh “surrender cobra” is just so satisfying
  19. dawg

    Week 2 Games

    I’d take him over Morris.
  20. dawg

    Gameday Thread: Nicholls State vs TCU

    Wow… just wow. Did Georgia steal our souls? That’s the most worrisome thing I’ve read tonight.