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  1. JugbandFrog

    Fire Joe Gillespie

    Against crap qbs. I hope we can sustain it.
  2. JugbandFrog

    Frogs being panned on several sites over the fake FG attempt

    I’ve had plenty of holders in their knees when, oh wait.
  3. JugbandFrog

    All of the newbies lost their B12 opener.

    Robertson SUCKKKKKSSS!
  4. JugbandFrog

    All of the newbies lost their B12 opener.

    Well yeah, without the qb.
  5. JugbandFrog

    Fire Joe Gillespie

    Could it be Hodges? He’s great between the tackles, but he is asked to be out of his element and we see our D struggle as a result
  6. JugbandFrog

    Johnny Hodges?

    And that’s how Gillespie keeps using him which is maddening.
  7. JugbandFrog

    Fire Joe Gillespie

    I certainly didn’t expect it. The secondary played with a lot of confidence.
  8. JugbandFrog

    OT - Movies thread

    It is amazing.
  9. JugbandFrog

    Gameday Thread: Skillet Edition

    Great job D!
  10. JugbandFrog

    Fire Joe Gillespie

    Not bad Gillespie. Not bad.
  11. JugbandFrog

    Frog and Pony Show 2K23

    Bahahha. Didn’t read! Go to hell My Little Pony!!
  12. JugbandFrog

    KFF Saturday Six Pick 'Em: 2023

    Here are the yearly totals thus far. @LisaLT You have been doing consistently well, but you ALWAYS miss that one week every year that you struggle to make up for.
  13. JugbandFrog

    Horned Frogs vs Pro-bono Ponies Prediction Thread!

    SMEW - 43 TCU - 29 *Their defense has a handle on our running game, and we continue to struggle to punch it in. 5 field goals for Kell. Defense can’t handle a balanced offense who is committed to the run, even though they’ll probably only average 3.9 or so a rush.
  14. JugbandFrog

    Our Athletic Department = A Class Above

    In my new role, I am building a College Going Culture through several initiatives. One of those initiatives is college sports. I pick three games and the students vote on which teams we will support that weekend (women's volleyball, college football, women's soccer). I am building a college...
  15. JugbandFrog

    KFF Saturday Six Pick 'Em: 2023

    This one I did from home on my iMac. This time, it's just my FBI handler making his nights.
  16. JugbandFrog

    KFF Saturday Six Pick 'Em: 2023

    Week 4 Games Now these LOOK like a fun slate. Thank god for the early game! https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSdsbF1Iwprvh_9FTEjQBY6ktdCqz2Tc8byXBF39W9W1HQgZeg/viewform?usp=sf_link
  17. JugbandFrog

    KFF Saturday Six Pick 'Em: 2023

    Dahh! What was I thinking taking Pitt!
  18. JugbandFrog

    How are we feeling about the Ponies?

    Sorry gents, we lose this one. SMU made moved in the portal that are significant, especially when matched up against us. Ugh.