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  1. Brog

    I'll say what everyone is thinking...

    This gets boring.
  2. Brog

    Did anyone else miss the article on our game in the Sun. DMN?

    Had enough of newspapers. Our Saturday at 11 AM games are played, and the Startlegram has a story telling a bout it in its Monday edition. Is it true that the Startlegrams are now printed over in Richardson?
  3. Brog


    But Land Frog, we already knew that.
  4. Brog


    Glad we don't ever have to have 11 AM starts.
  5. Brog

    Iron Skillet Game Paused Indefinitely

    Looks like they are playing them now not because of rivalry but because they're usually gimme games.
  6. Brog

    Iron Skillet Game Paused Indefinitely

    You mean SMUt?
  7. Brog

    Congratulations to SMU…

    but, but, but will they have water at the stadium during their home games?
  8. Brog

    TCU Student shot, killed in West 7th (apparently a former FB player)

    Wish none of our TCU students would be down there after midnight any night of the week. Nothing but trouble. This event makes some of our other concerns seem trivial. Feel for his poor family back in Tennessee.
  9. Brog

    ACC officially votes to add Cal, Stanford, SMU

    Just. wait! When SMU plays Virginia Tech or Syracuse or NC State, they'll fill the stadium with sports fans. Clemson, too, and Miami. Dallas is going to go wild over those games,. Hey, forgot Boston College and Duke..
  10. Brog

    So, let's do a little make believe with Deion.

    I suspect because he is just so hateable.
  11. Brog

    Buffs Beat: Op-Ed: College football's talking heads have lost their minds over Colorado vs. No. 17 TCU

    Wexahu, I was expecting you would be expecting exactly what you say you are expecting.
  12. Brog

    TCU TikTok "Whatever it Takes"

    Anybody notice the typo on the fourth 010>
  13. Brog

    Fox announcers: Buffs to come out in Saturday's game wearing all white

    Well, the announcers on fox's Houston Texans vs New Orleans Saints NFL game tonight keep talking about Coach Prime, as they promote next Saturday's game. One of them told us the Buffs would wear all white uniforms, and come running onto the field all of them wearing shades. That's going to be...
  14. Brog

    103 degrees now long range forecast for Sept. 2nd...

    You're right. About the only sure evidence of climate change back around 1150 AD was when the long time Puebloan inhabitants suddenly upped and left their amazing Chaco Canyon dwellings behind, all intact. Supposedly the Taos pueblo was a result of their move. A great place to visit today is...
  15. Brog

    103 degrees now long range forecast for Sept. 2nd...

    The Indians (native Americans) who were recording temperatures all through the 1700;s and 1800's say they had two such occurrences. Not sure about the Taos Pueblo people in the 1400-1700 years.
  16. Brog

    Buffs Beat: CBS analyst predicts Deion Sanders' Colorado debut will be an upset win

    Sort of like those recent SMU games I remember when their first play or two was long, long passes down the field, and unfortunately, connecting on them.
  17. Brog

    Tickets From Seat Geek

    As Frog fans, can't we do better than that?
  18. Brog

    103 degrees now long range forecast for Sept. 2nd...

    Friday night the school district of Melissa, north of Dallas, will have first use of its new $35 MILLION dollar football stadium. Not covered stadium, but to think, Melissa, $35 million dollars on football.
  19. Brog

    Big 12 in position to poach Pac 12 schools?

    I think I'll wait til that game on Sept 23 is over before I laugh too much at SMU.
  20. Brog

    Dear AD Donati

    Just wondering. Have you ever actually worn a real sombrero? Small umbrella doesn't nearly describe it.