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    Austin American-Statesman: Battle for Friday night's lights: Prep coaches aren't fans of Big 12 commissioner's plan

    To be fair I don't think Yormark is necessarily a fan of this plan either, but it's the only way to get money
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    'Blind Side' subject Oher alleges Tuohys made millions off lie

    My main takeaway is if they really adopted him as a son, and he had problems with parts of the book or movie, they should've made it right
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    The monty show?
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    The Athletic: Big 12 recruiting without Texas, OU could put league’s reputation in peril

    That guy is a [ Finebaum ]. That said we do need to recruit better
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    Big 12 in position to poach Pac 12 schools?

    I think adding a couple of state schools would bring a moment of excitement before we realize that none of the 4 corner schools are all that great. I would like more games in Boulder though.
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    I think everyone that saw him toss multiple gopher balls and give up a run with the go ahead run coming to the plate. Time to pull him for sure but that’s not Saarloos mo
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    Memphis Commercial Appeal: Big 12 commissioner visits Memphis for 'due diligence' as conference eyes expansion

    It’s either people making stuff up for clicks or I could see pac 12 trying to counter the big 12 aggression with trying to make us look worse by considering [ Finebaum ]ty candidates
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    Big 12 in position to poach Pac 12 schools?

    They aren’t going to add any schools that don’t pay for themselves. I still think trying to incrementally get more for basketball is an interesting strategy to make up ground on big 10/sec but it’s such a tough needle to thread bc basketball only additions dilute the football brand.
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    Big 12: OSU, UT and WVU Share Big 12 Baseball Regular Season Title, Championship Seeds Announced

    Texas was rebuilding this year and they found a way to share the title again.
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    Big 12 in position to poach Pac 12 schools?

    Where are you getting may 18th from?
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    Saarloos was a bad choice

    I love that people are like “pitching has been horrible all year long” but let’s just see what happens over the next month…like it’s going to magically become amazing . I suppose all fans have to do is hope / but that feels a bit delusional.
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    Big 12 in position to poach Pac 12 schools?

    SDSU making 1 final 4 doesn’t mean [ Finebaum ] / UConn won a basketball natty and played in bcs games and they are locked out
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    Big 12 in position to poach Pac 12 schools?

    Texas would also never say this but they were very jealous that aggy was in the sec. Aggy home schedules were so much better it was too much to overlook
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    FWST: Why TCU star cornerback Tre’Vius Hodges-Tomlinson was not invited to the Senior Bowl

    I mean there’s a difference in size that matters for CB versus running back.
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    Big XII GOR—I don’t think the new media rights deal has one yet

    I'm almost 100% positive everyone has to sign a GOR through the term of the new deal. Which I believe is 2030. So not sure what you are talking about.
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    DMN: TCU’s Kendal Briles problem is the bloom of Baylor’s failure

    people don’t want briles bc of the Baylor connection mostly The Baylor scandal is just a vessel for the hate This scenario has more in common with this than we’d like to think: https://hookemheadlines.com/2021/01/25/texas-football-mike-stoops-wasnt-hired-because-of-potential-backlash/
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    LA Daily News: Georgia knows not to underestimate TCU in CFP championship game

    I hope the “house money” attitude hasn’t made its way too far into our mentality