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    Looking for 1 ticket

    I have one in section 539, $350 OBO
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    Selling 1 Ticket for Natty, Section 550

    I’ve got one for sale section 539 for $350
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    LA Travel and Tickets Thread

    I have one ticket I need to unload from my allotment. Section 539 (about the 50 yard line nosebleed). $425 OBO, would rather not deal with fees, etc
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    CFP app

    I'm still not seeing tickets in my CFP app. Has everyone seen them in theirs? I'm low on the list I'm sure, but starting to sweat
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    What seats #?

    What seats #?
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    How much for the tickets?

    How much for the tickets?
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    Monday’s attire

    Do we know if the equipment truck went back to FW? If it didn't, wouldn't it make sense we brought the black helmets for a potential purple jersey game vs. Ohio State? I don't think black helmets are guaranteed. Could be white/white/purple (my hope), or all whites again.
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    Need single for Natty

    I've got one from TCU allotment - Section 539. Selling it at face value, $550.
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    SELLING--One Ticket for the National Championship

    I'm also selling 1 but can't make a post here. From the TCU allotment - Section 539, basically 50 yard line. Selling at face value.
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    Looking For 3 Tickets for NC game.

    I have 1 available for face value from TCU, section 539
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    LA Travel and Tickets Thread

    I have 1 available, section 539. Nosebleed but on the 50. Would love to get it to a Frog and save everyone fees. Selling for what I paid for it.
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    Looking for 1 ticket

    Section 539, $550 - selling for what I paid for it. Send DMs
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    Looking for 1 ticket

    Looking like I have 1 extra. Nosebleed, but it'd get you in the door. LMK if interested.
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    Fiesta Bowl Tickets

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    B12 Championship Tickets?

    Awesome. Tickets bought. Go Frogs.
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    B12 Championship Tickets?

    Anyone have any idea the sections that the TCU allotment is in? Will need to buy a SeatGeek ticket, but want to be close to frogs. I am aware the team is on the South sideline, just want to be sure our seats are there as well.