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    TCU vs OU Game 2

    Lots of really weak swings today. It would be nice to see Taylor stay back and drive a ball to left field to beat the stupid shift.
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    TCU vs OU Game 2

    Saarloos continues to leave pitchers in too long. But perhaps it’s because he doesn’t trust the bullpen.
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    Postseason Hoops thread & NCAA Tourney Challenge

    Done! This team is way overrated and out coached. Been saying that all year but people want to call me names. Well, ASU is about to beat us like Georgia did us in football. Only difference was Georgia was unbeatable.
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    Postseason Hoops thread & NCAA Tourney Challenge

    If dixon can’t bring in 3 or 4 legit shooters next year, it will be a long year.
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    Postseason Hoops thread & NCAA Tourney Challenge

    Game over. Only person that can score is out. And ASU has several guys that can shoot. Why do we only have 1.
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    Any talk of this being a CWS team....

    Need better, more consistent pitching. The program was built on pitching. I remember losing games 1-0, 2-1 and wishing we had some offense.
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    Tournament seeding

    I’m thinking more of the softer variety!
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    TCU and BigXII basketball tourney

    I hope this team works on making layups in traffic the next few days.
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    TCU and BigXII basketball tourney

    Texas misses no layups. We have missed them over and over. And how many layups is Miller going to have blocked?
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    TCU and BigXII basketball tourney

    Make a dang layup! And would be nice if Cole would quit passing to UT guys.
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    GoFrogs: San Diego at No. 10 TCU Baseball Series Preview

    Did this team take a trip to Hawaii Monday?
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    TCU and BigXII basketball tourney

    Terrible basketball again. Complete garbage. Can we go to the CBI so maybe we can win a post season game?
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    OU game

    how many times are we going to see 5 on 3 offensive situations. When peavy and/or Wells are on the floor with O’Bannon, there are not many offensive opportunities. Ended the half with Soulamyne (or whatever) and Miller are offensive liabilities today. Miller can’t make a layup and looks like he...
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    Pebley stepping down as WBB coach

    Might as well stay. Guys being embarrassed by OU at the moment.
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    OU game

    no energy and no scorers. How can this team not play with energy. A team that chunks brinks from 3 point line better figure out how to play with energy every night. Embarrassing loss coming.
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    Thank Baylor

    LOL at the Green Aggy! Big 10 wants Baylor? OMG…can’t quit laughing. I’m not 100% sure the AAC wants Baylor. Go enjoy baseball season Danny Boy! Big 10? LOL!!!
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    FLM: No. 7 Kansas State, No. 15 TCU ready for key Big 12 battle

    It’s a bad feeling when I have just as much confidence in a half-court buzzer beater as I do any other 3-pointer shot by TCU. Why are we so bad at shooting the 3? Dead last in the conference in 3-point shooting.
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    QB Analyst Mark Cala

    Then it’s probably the police chasing you!
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    YouTube: Talkin Frogball Song

    Where is the love button??? This was awesome!