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  1. tcuball3

    Was our OC position undesirable?

    TCU just hired an former Broyles award finalist SEC OC who in the last 6 weeks has turned Miss State and $1.7 mil to return to Arkansas, received a raise there, then likely took a pay cut to come back to coach in Texas at the arch rival of fathers program, no TCU is not undesirable
  2. tcuball3

    ATTN: All Those Now Bailing Out On TCU Football

    Cynical and opportunistic? Define blind spot. I am admittedly short on information so looking for facts as to why some feel so strongly against this hire (aside from KB came from Baylor our arch rival)
  3. tcuball3

    KYTX: TCU safety Deshawn McCuin returned to his elementary school for a surprise welcome in Jacksonville

    TCU created thousands and thousands of new fans this season, the benefits cannot be overlooked. Very cool article!
  4. tcuball3

    I feel weird starting a thread here but…hi, frawgs!

    I had a fantastic experience with virtually every GA fan, best SEC fanbase I’ve experienced so far
  5. tcuball3

    I’m convinced

    Great observation, too big of a challenge for our staff and players obviously, but frankly any college football team would’ve been in big trouble against that GA team
  6. tcuball3

    Monday’s attire

    Froze my butt off 2nd half of Rose Bowl, thinking about layering up with this being outdoor stadium
  7. tcuball3

    Where Are You Staying in LA?

    It’s now showing sold out, hopefully full of Frog fans
  8. tcuball3

    Where Are You Staying in LA?

    Uber and Lyft takes 2-3 hours post Rams game according to a season ticket holder buddy of mine, he suggested driving, parking info: https://collegefootballplayoff.com/sports/2017/12/1/parking.aspx
  9. tcuball3

    Where Are You Staying in LA?

    Tapestry (Hilton) redondo beach resort, flying and out of Long Beach
  10. tcuball3

    Awful weather for the Armed Forces Bowl

    I froze my butt off at the 94 and 2001 Cotton bowls, said to myself never again will I be stuck with tickets with freezing cold weather likely. Glad they moved it indoors.
  11. tcuball3

    Awful weather for the Armed Forces Bowl

    Air Force deserves better
  12. tcuball3

    Estimate the Amount of Cash Your Wife/GF/Sig Other has in Her Purse Right Now

    I always carry $50-$100 in cash for tipping
  13. tcuball3

    College Admissions

    How much is TCU legacy considered now? My boys (age 6/2) will be 4th generation.
  14. tcuball3


    I paid to post and still cannot, last time it was almost instant, can someone help?
  15. tcuball3

    Big 10 offenses vs. the 3-3-5

    How long does a hamstring injury take to heal? I assume a pulled hamstring is his diagnosis, can we assume he will be 100 percent?
  16. tcuball3


    Downtown Tempe for walking distance bars/restaurants
  17. tcuball3

    Hotel location booking tips

    Highly suggest staying in downtown Tempe area over Scottsdale if you are looking to hit bars/restaurants and walk around. It’s right by ASU and IMO is much more fun. Aside from that, you are closer to Glendale, and hotels are less expensive. Just my two cents…
  18. tcuball3

    Best Thermal Underwear for sitting in a cold stadium?

    I recently bought some Hot Chilis micro elite chamois base layers, they were amazing during the Baylor and Iowa State game. Highly recommend: https://www.hotchillys.com/collections/men
  19. tcuball3

    Is this team better than the 2014 team?

    Yes, this is the most talented deepest roster we’ve ever had. This is our best team and best shot yet at a Natty.