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  1. LVH

    Basketball Portal

    Is this someone we wanted?
  2. LVH

    TCU favored by 21 over CU

    How much of that is Nebraska fans trying to get tickets? Colorado and Nebraska played in Boulder back in 2019 and it was packed
  3. LVH

    OT: HB218 Think it'll pass?

    Should it be legalized? Yes But honestly, for me its an issue so low on the totem pole for me I honestly dont give a damn either way The elites want you focused on meaningless issues like this to distract you from the fact both parties work together to rob you blind via crappy economic, trade...
  4. LVH

    TCU men's basketball temtping the fates

    Maui will never invite us. I've always said I will go to the Maui Invitational if we get invited, but at this rate we never will The Maui Invitational Arena is literally a local rec center gym, so its not like they need massive traveling fanbases to fill seats for it. You have entrances...
  5. LVH

    Coogs Want to Party When the Frogs Come to Town

    UH is supposed to be ass this upcoming season, so let them hype it up all they want I hope its at 11am like the SMU game was last year
  6. LVH

    2023 NFL Draft

    It's going to be the same thing that happened with him in Chicago Andy will start the first couple games, and before the opening kickoff for the first Panthers home game the crowd will be chanting for Bryce, and the moment Dalton throws his first incomplete pass, the crowd will boo and chant...
  7. LVH

    Deseret News: TCU is trying to keep BYU fans out of its stadium

    Honestly, looking back on the 2008 and 2010 games, BYU fans didn't exactly show out at the old Amon Carter Stadium. I get 2008 was a Thursday Night which made it harder to attend, but still - they were undefeated and ranked in the Top 10 at the time and they filled maybe 1 or 2 sections on the...
  8. LVH

    Bro Bible: Parents Are Speaking Out Against Colorado Football Coach Deion Sanders And His Treatment Of Players

    These is the type of antics that would only fly at a program that has hit rock bottom As unfortunate as our 2019 and 2021 seasons were... that still was not anywhere near rock bottom It was really easy to win at Jackson State, residing in the worst FBS conference in the country where their...
  9. LVH

    Prime Time's spring game

    I still stick by my stance that Nicholls will be a tougher opponent than Colorado
  10. LVH

    Transfer window opens on Saturday.

    I care mainly about offensive and defensive line. Those were the 2 positions Georgia was miles ahead of us on. We probably had better WR than they did, and a better QB, it didn't matter I can deal with losing wide receivers to the portal, just need to make sure we can do as good as possible in...
  11. LVH

    Time to be concerned about baseball.

    As I have been saying for years the problem is travel ball. Stop bringing in travel ball players to this program. They suck. Travel ball ruins baseball players. I love to point and laugh at all the parents out there who spend thousands on their son's travel ball teams, thinking they will go...
  12. LVH

    QJ not invited to the NFL draft

    I just got laid off from my job... my last day is next Friday, but its also "Diversity Appreciation Month" in my company and it's been multiple emails a day about all this Diversity Equity Inclusion crap. Wonder if any DEI employees got let go.
  13. LVH

    FWST: Receiver, QBs and big plays highlight TCU’s spring football game. Here are 5 standouts

    If the offense does well in spring games, I get worried about the defense if the defense does well, worry about the offense If the receivers did good, what if that just means our secondary sucks balls? Zero sum game
  14. LVH

    OT: University of North Texas wins NIT, Mean Green's coach hired by Texas Tech

    I think he is a really good coach and is a Tony Bennett disciple - a lot of people will hate the style he plays - University of North Texas ranked dead last, #363 of 363 in tempo this past season, even slower than Virginia. It's not going to be a system that will put butts in seats, but it is a system that will win
  15. LVH

    Big 12 in position to poach Pac 12 schools?

    Nick Khan has done a really good job with WWE. The product has been great over the past year, with the Bloodline storyline being the best WWE storyline in a decade, and rivals the nWo storyline from the WCW days. I think what he has to say matters
  16. LVH

    TCU 360: TCU tuition to increase in upcoming year

    All those new buildings and more DEI staffers to give struggle session seminars aren't going to pay for themselves!
  17. LVH

    Postseason Hoops thread & NCAA Tourney Challenge

    I dont like the way Kansas State plays.