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    Work Productivity Cessation

    I’ve seen UGA play on the road twice in the last few years and both times I had nothing but great interactions with their fans. However, like all schools it appears to be the students that if there is an incident they’re the ones not acting in the best interest of sportsmanship.
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    (I can't believe I'm saying this) 2022 CFB National Championship Game Prediction Thread

    Despite #1 getting called for 2 bad PI calls and we get a field goal or PAT blocked, we win by 5. Go frogs
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    What's The One Thing you want to see tomorrow

    Holding their run game under 100 yards. Also, for Miller to get 100+ on the ground.
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    Travel thread!

    Same. I was shocked to pass one in Nashville. Glad it’s expanding
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    The Spun: College Football Analysts Predict Michigan vs. TCU Score

    For me I’m intrigued to see how we play with 4 weeks of rest. I thought 11 straight games was tough and we didn’t really put anyone away before the 4th quarter. So almost all of them were tough emotional/physical games. We might get blown out but either way I’m optimistic going into this one
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    2023 Recruiting Thread

    Our OL commit from South Oak Cliff #56 Narado Stoker’s butt crack is out every time they show him. He needs bigger pants
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    Army-Navy game - 10 Dec 2022

    I’m rooting for Army but I think Navy will win. Worst O-line they’ve had in years. Army does have a potential first round pick at DE in #34 Andre Carter.
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    New Uniforms for CFP?

    I wouldn’t mind black helmet, white jersey, and purple pants. Same combo we wore against Texas
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    CFP Has A Better T Shirt Than TCU Store

    I think that’s supposed to be State Farm Stadium
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    Congrats to Jerry Kill & NMSU

    RB Ahmonte Watkins did. He was a 4 star recruit and his bio says he’s a CB for them now. He had 1 carry for 78 yards and a touchdown yesterday
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    Final Prediction - In or Out?

    All I have to say is we had an amazing turnout of TCU fans at the game yesterday. We need that same turnout in AZ against Michigan. Go frogs
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    Week 14: Conference Championship Games Thread

    TCU would beat USC. We matchup really well against them. However, I think Williams is the Heisman winner
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    Is this team better than the 2014 team?

    I think this team is better, but the ‘14 team had a better chance to win the natty. Tougher teams in this playoff vs the ‘14 playoffs.
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    Georgia, Michigan and TCU

    Maybe I feel too relaxed about this game but I don’t see us losing. I can think of about 6 other games that I was more nervous about going into it than this one. Duggan and Morris will have to get injured in the first quarter to get me worried.
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    My Favorite Thing about this TEAM

    I wonder if Mathis, Coleman, and Evans regret transferring out.
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    Horned Frogs of Destiny vs the Ames, Iowa Fightin' Abby Fabers Prediction Thread

    TCU wins 20-10. QJ, DD, and KM don’t play as well as some other starters. As long as our O Line is healthy, I like our chances in this game and the Big XII natty.