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  1. Westsider

    RIP Julie Johannessen - TCU Rifle

    Did you really mean to type this?
  2. Westsider

    Turp throwing out first pitch tonight

    I’m always surprised that many otherwise stunning athletes just cannot throw a baseball.
  3. Westsider

    FWST: TCU Campus Store to host “Purple Reign” book signing prior to spring football game Friday

    I was kind of thinking he’s dialed it down a little bit lately….
  4. Westsider

    Aledo QB Hauss Hejny commits to TCU

    First time to see his film. Jimminy Christmas.
  5. Westsider

    TCU Maniac

    Usually some good info over there, but almost every thread is hijacked by the infantiles. Similar to here.
  6. Westsider

    ESPN: Texas Tech coach Mark Adams suspended for 'racially insensitive' comment

    Just like CGP, there are certain words, really only a few of them, that trigger these kids no matter how well meaning the message is. Avoid these words, you idiots. It’s not rocket science.
  7. Westsider

    DMN: Gary Patterson steps away from Texas Longhorns football after one season

    I’ve made up with a few of people over the years who’ve flipped me the bird. I guess one more won’t hurt.
  8. Westsider


    If I recall OP is close to 100 so there's that.
  9. Westsider

    Just met James Cash's sister

    Well? Tell us one...
  10. Westsider

    WFAA: Year-long construction on University Drive in Fort Worth begins

    You might have missed the last sentence.
  11. Westsider

    Of Interest: The OSU May Pass On NIL-Driven Recruits

    They see the playing field leveling with NIL and want to go back to the old days when they had all the advantage….and appear high and mighty in the process. Hypocritical azzholes.
  12. Westsider

    WV Sports: WVU’s Jimmy Bell Heated with TCU Fans Postgame

    I’m a big believer that a player should be allowed to confront a weasel who disrespects his mom.
  13. Westsider

    2023 TCU football schedule

    I’ll be hacked if someone loses their job over this. Del Conte leaked the secret ticket code that allowed Lupton to be covered with Aggies……and laughed about it. People do stupid stuff. Get over it.
  14. Westsider

    YouTube: Talkin Frogball Song

    That was really good.
  15. Westsider

    Stetson Bennett arrested in Dallas

    Those apartment units all look the same after a case or so.
  16. Westsider

    on3: 4-star QB Jaden Rashada reportedly set to visit TCU

    I think he realizes he's still going to get his money.... its just going to be in the form of a multi-million dollar settlement with Florida, not NIL.