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    FWST: TCU’s Chandler Morris: “I’ve never been so driven, so hungry to just get out there"

    No doubt. This will be the fastest offense since Boykin. I’m super excited about Morris. I pray he just throws the ball, because we do not have depth at QB if he gets hurt.
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    FWST: TCU’s Chandler Morris: “I’ve never been so driven, so hungry to just get out there"

    This whole argument of Boykin vs Duggan is a joke. Boykin shook NINE defenders in a game. Was far more accurate of a passer, and didn’t have the talent surrounding him like Duggan. Aaron Green was okay but he’s not Miller.
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    247 Sports: Four-star QB Marcos Davila decommits from TCU

    For the record I DO think Morris is gonna be damn good. I just think we need a very deep QB room to keep developing gunslingers. Hoover was recruited by Briles, and I think the kid will be a lot better than his recruiting resume because of Briles. I always think about Boykin. He had one other...
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    247 Sports: Four-star QB Marcos Davila decommits from TCU

    Seriously??? What I can’t believe is a school goes to a NC, puts a kid in NY who wins numerous QB awards, and TCU can’t land ONE good QB. That’s baffling.
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    FWST: National Signing Day: TCU misses out on Jaden Rashada

    I noticed Briles tried to get our backup Josh Hoover when he was at Arkansas. Morris is gonna have tons of weapons. He damn sure played incredible against Baylor, and I expect him to really be strong this year. I was pissed we didn’t get another qb, but I’m confident in our coaches.
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    QB Analyst Mark Cala

    I must have you and lot of other boys triggered. Stop being so damn sensitive.
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    Why can’t TCU land an elite QB?

    Well there ya go folks. Amazing season and TCU signed some REALLY good players except QB. After Duggan being a runner up, I would think QB would be lined up to play for Dykes. Well Morris doesn’t have any competition now, so hopefully he stays healthy and leads us to a great season.
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    Why can’t TCU land an elite QB?

    Thank you so much for telling me what to do. Why do you get so triggered when I ask a simple question? Does the feeling of being not being good enough overwhelm you? I trust Sonny completely FYI. agree Davila is gonna be huge get!!! Yes, why will TCU not open the check book to get whoever...
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    Why can’t TCU land an elite QB?

    Exactly!!! Duggan was great so TCU should have kids lined up but they don’t. That’s what makes no sense. It seems people on this board would rather insult me for questioning the obvious. Guess you’re all just as clueless as me. We are getting some DAMN good players at every position except QB...
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    Why can’t TCU land an elite QB?

    That’s a great one for 2024. Need a gunslinger this season
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    Why can’t TCU land an elite QB?

    Elite means a QB that every school wants and TCU gets him.
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    Why can’t TCU land an elite QB?

    I’m not trolling. I want to know why people like yourself think this is happening. It doesn’t make sense, and I’m not a college football expert like the ones on this site.
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    Why can’t TCU land an elite QB?

    Seems odd after all this success and all these recruits that there’s no elite QB. Morris is the only QB with credibility, and no one really knows what he can or cannot do. Would really suck to have all these talented guys, and not have a QB slinging the rock.
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    247 Sports: TCU lands Jackson State OL transfer Willis Patrick

    Glad we can beat out Colorado and Maryland. This is huge
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    on3: 4-star QB Jaden Rashada reportedly set to visit TCU

    TCU showed up to a NC and had a Heisman finalist yet can’t get an elite QB??? what’s wrong with this situation.
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    DMN: TCU hiring Baylor ex Kendal Briles will test Sonny Dykes’ goodwill with fans

    I’m curious if all these articles showed up when he was hired at other schools? These writers are making it seem like Kendall was the one at the center of all the allegations.
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    Do we have on roster another K Miller?

    Everyone tap the breaks. These coaches had ONE season with the team. We have one of the best RB and SC coaches in the country. I have no doubt we will have a very good running game. Sanders was in a room filled with 5 star talent. Let Kaz and Johnson work with him and the others and lookout.
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    Walker Howard (5* QB) to TCU?

    No way Howard goes to Ole Miss. Dart is and will stay the starter. At TCU he has a VERY good chance of being the starter.
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    Does anyone still think the air raid will get us a NC?

    I’m not an expert just a fan. All I wanted was opinions regarding how this team changes to win it all. Seems like recruiting is the answer. Defensive scheme is another issue IMO.