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  1. frogetaboutit

    247 Sports: BREAKING: TCU hires Kendal Briles as new offensive coordinator

    Will be interesting to see what happens with this hire. But if I see any dancing dorks on our sideline - THEN I'm out!
  2. frogetaboutit

    Garrett Riley to Clemson

    Strangely unconcerned - and not surprised - about this news.
  3. frogetaboutit

    LA Travel Thread

    Stuck in Vegas until further notice. Not thrilled but if I’m being honest - also not nearly the disaster I witnessed on Monday.
  4. frogetaboutit

    Big 12 Support

    You seem like good people. It’s a good thing. Frog Factor.
  5. frogetaboutit

    Big 12 Support

    Dare I say? McDawg got honorary factor?
  6. frogetaboutit

    Newy interviewed an emotional Coach P about the title game

    Smh. One of most active KF threads. Thankful coaches and team aren’t distracted by shiny objects leading up to game like this board is. And yes, I got sucked in to reading it.…
  7. frogetaboutit

    Will there be a flyover?

    Don’t know about flyover but know there’ll be a hangover or three Saturday - Tuesday.
  8. frogetaboutit

    Please share the experience with us

    Respect to Fred Jr.’s friend!
  9. frogetaboutit

    Monday’s attire

    Exact same thing as Michigan game.
  10. frogetaboutit


    In-game my big superstition is to high five only when we score a touchdown. Not when we kick a field goal or make a good or even great play. Gimme 6 or you’re not getting a high five from me!
  11. frogetaboutit

    Full game replay online?

    Stopped by in-laws this morning on way to work for a quick cup of coffee and to tell then about game. Father in law said he recorded game so I said scheiss it - let’s watch! Glad I did. Frogs hung on and pulled out a win! Oh. And work not happy.
  12. frogetaboutit

    The National Championship.

    Yes Kirby. Tell me you haven’t watched any film on TCU over the past month without telling me.
  13. frogetaboutit

    The Tale of the Time Traveler...

    LoLos! Went there too. Pretty sure food was good but too many gin and grape koolaids may be clouding memory. Do remember the beverages on menu were called “dranks”.
  14. frogetaboutit

    Yardbarker: TCU opens as biggest underdog in championship game era

    Perfect! Come a little closer. closer, closer, closer….
  15. frogetaboutit

    Please share the experience with us

    Us the same. Almost. My 4 arrived early and parked in west lot with no issues. Hung out a while soaking in the vibe and talking to Frogs. Entered through gate 1 at 12:30. No security hassle or line. Watched history being made and back to lot after game. Hung out till 7:45-8 and then really had...
  16. frogetaboutit

    2024 Recruiting Thread

    Sat next to Bud’s mom at the spring game. Nice lady. She talked about the change in d-backs mindset since the new coaches came in. Said it was the right to keep Gonzales and was very upbeat about the regime change.
  17. frogetaboutit

    Need help w/ American Airlines

    Man! Hope you guys give it another shot for the natty. Good luck!
  18. frogetaboutit

    Need help w/ American Airlines

    Sat next to a gentleman at game who had two seats but one was empty. Said his son’s flight from Austin had been cancelled. Must’ve been same flight. He was devastated. We felt horrible for him.