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    Turpin losing it?

    Chiefs kicker also took down a returner about to go all the way yesterday.
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    FWST: Four things to know about TCU’s new offensive coordinator, Kendal Briles

    Steven Johnson has been covering the Frogs for the Star-Telegram the entire season. He has done a good job. Good writing style. Informative. Keep up the good work, Steven!
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    Any idea when the Fiesta Bowl trophy will be on display?

    From the above link, "A far less impressive replica".
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    Any idea when the Fiesta Bowl trophy will be on display?

    I would like to see it, and I bet a few others would, too! Go Frogs!
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    The National Championship.

    There was also another commercial where they were cutting a diamond in a car.
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    When the Frogs Were Princes

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    2022 Fiesta Bowl Complaints Thread

    Poor acoustics at the stadium. Hard to hear announcements or when the ref would talk. Maybe because I was sitting in the upper deck. Must have been reported before because I finally noticed what amounted to closed captioning panels on the corners of the stadium that helped.
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    FWST: After national search, TCU finds its president at university’s Neeley School of Business

    Will the announcers always refer to him as "... the OU transfer..."?
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    I Hope Someone Knows The Answer

    Even the tickets from TCU are coming through Seatgeek. There are probably no real paper tickets unless you do a screen shot of your "ticket" on your phone and print it.
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    Kansas City Business Journal: Hoefer Welker helps design $62M building for Texas Christian University's new medical school

    Look for the construction crane with purple lights at night in the Medical District on Rosedale.
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    Duggan is the Heisman: Prove me Wrong

    Which Torchy's? In Austin?
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    TCU's debt of gratitude to Michigan football

    No joke....... real......
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    TCU takes down #25 Iowa

    https://www.msn.com/en-us/sports/ncaabk/tcu-defeats-no-25-iowa-to-claim-tourney-title/ar-AA14B825?ocid=entnewsntp&cvid=daa403198ed345279d6a18f3a4e94ef4 Frogs win Emerald Coast Classic in Florida!
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    Unofficial KFC Year End Awards

    I also go with Kendre not being a surprise. He played a fair amount last year, especially when Evans was hurt toward the end of the season. We did not lose much if anything when he played vs. Evans. Has Evans done well at Miss this year? Haven't heard much.
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    Tickets for Big 12 Championship game?

    Anybody heard how the TCU tickets are going to be distributed?
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    Substitution Rule.....

    It is interesting that they spiked the ball on the previous play to set that whole sequence up.
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    Substitution Rule.....

    So, what if you do this in this end of the half or game situation: Run your field goal team in, all except one person who steps on the field just before the snap. Since that person is coming in late, he would probably be totally uncovered. Snap the ball to the kicker who throws an easy pass...
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    Substitution Rule.....

    Here is something from an NCAA Rules website, two different scenarios: Late in the first half Team A is out of timeouts. A pass play on third down ends inbounds at the B-25 short of the line to gain with the game clock showing 0:10. Facing fourth down and three, Team A immediately hurries its...
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    Substitution Rule.....

    I would hope that this would have been thought of ahead of time, but what is the rule? And if the rule does not apply in a kicking situation, why not? Just because you are lined up to kick doesn't mean that you are always going to kick.