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    So who is your replacement?

    For some time ..?.. we've been in the top 3 defenses practically every year, in the B12, until 2021.
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    TCU at Okie State 11/13

    God Bless you ?&?#?%?$?
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    We are just going to have accept this defense is what it is

    Brilliant ... never had a clue about these things until now...
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    GP / DM -

    But can Max hit too...
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    What in the hell are you talking about ?&?#?$?%?
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    How many games have you been too.?.
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    a toddler bottle.?.
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    Zach Evans

    Biggleswoth .... we improved this week over the previous week, you knucklehead, and have 8 more games to play
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    Zach Evans

    While also playing linebacker !
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    Zach Evans

    You really needed to go there, like a real punk. Now you got all the Debbie Downers doing this same nonsense rhetoric... and yes, the kids read this stuff... including the ones considering coming here. Have a little common sense and think before spewing your exasperational do do !!!
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    Gameday Thread: TCU vs Texas

    If these guys play as hard as they did today, the rest of the year, we'll win more games than we lose and an invite to either Houston or Cheez-its Bowls. Our(the) year was always 2022 and some how, many felt we were a 9-3 team this year and no telling what those were expecting for next year...
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    Gameday Thread: TCU vs Texas

    Demercado .?. Hey, we're losing!!!! Only want Evans or Miller in the Backfield damnit!!!!
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    2022 Recruiting Thread

    wasn't referring to Ajay... interest was for the 5* OT that had interest in TCU previously..
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    OT - Starting a new career in late 30s/early 40s

    Once you've decided on the the career to challenge... come back here on how to go about it... and then how to interview for it once you have some knowledge about it. You have the career experience you have ... can go back to it easily, so nothing to fear but fear itself ! Call the resource depts...
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    OT - Starting a new career in late 30s/early 40s

    There are several quality suggestions so far ... there are already way too many Attorneys out there... no need to go back to school for that. The school you need is the school of Knuckle busting for 6 months... a)working on a drilling rig for 1/2 a year... on shore or offshore(or both) as a...
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    Time to forget the SMU loss and look at the Beast ahead !

    Might accept a loss to UT, if that meant a win over OU.
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    Pony Up Fort Worth Billboards

    Well, that should settle it !
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    2022 Recruiting Thread

    So then, let's beat the Whorns an let him give us another look...
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    FWST: TCU football could get much-needed defensive reinforcements for the Texas game

    A lot of whining going on around here ... maybe after 2 or 3 poor performances... yes whine all you want. This team(including coaches) is probly going to give a much stronger performance this coming Saturday. They are probly much more upset with themselves than we are.