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  1. geefrogs

    TCU/Bevo Game Thread BigXII tourney ESPN2

    GameDay! Tipoff at 1130am espn2 Predictions for the game?
  2. geefrogs

    Obinna Eze combine on now

    For the sickos. OL are about to do their thing on NFL network. Obinna is the only Frog here.
  3. geefrogs

    Remembering some GP teams - 2006 version (SWC revenge tour)

    previous thread about 2005 team. We said goodbye to 3 guys to the 2006 NFL draft. 4th round - Cory Rodgers to GB, 5th round - Michael Toudouze to Indy, 6th round Drew Coleman to NYJ. 2006 overview. Florida wins the BCS over Ohio State easily (featuring 2 of the best college QBs who never...
  4. geefrogs

    Hoops tickets

    Whats the going rate for hoops single-game tickets these days? I've been out of the loop for awhile now. Only 2 home games left. GoFrogs said the Tech home game is sold out. Trying to get one last glimpse of TCU before I head off into the Asian abyss again. Thanks. Here's a mountain near...
  5. geefrogs

    Remembering some GP teams - 2005 version (hello MWC!)

    previous thread about 2004 team. 2005. A seismic shift in football. 18 schools changed conferences (!!!) We left C-USA on a down season with not much experience at all with the Mountain West schools. Here's the old story from 2005 ESPN.com (still loved those original ESPN websites.) It...
  6. geefrogs

    Remembering some GP teams - 2004 version (oof)

    previous thread about 2003 team. You gotta remember the good and the bad. This season was definitely one of the "bad". A 3-5 CUSA record. 5-6 total record. Our opponents averaged 34 PPG (!!!) one of the worst numbers in division one. Alas, lets take a look. 2004 NFL draft - just one, 7th...
  7. geefrogs

    Remembering some GP teams - 2003 version

    previous thread about 2002 team. 2002 was a success. 2003 gifted us with a preseason #25 ranking. The expectations had now changed around campus. 2003 recap (Madise and Dunbar both drafted in the 2003 NFL draft, 5th and 6th rounders.) The original pair of WRs in GP-Era. Will always have a...
  8. geefrogs

    Remembering some GP teams - 2002

    previous thread about 2001 team. The 2nd full season under Patterson went much better than 2001. This will be multiple posts Brief notes of the season: 2002 NFL draft - 3 guys taken, Matt Schobel (3rd round Cin) then famous Shawn Worthen, Cedric James taken back-2-back by Minny in the 4th...
  9. geefrogs

    Sports betting in Texas. When?

    Gambling laws are a bit fuzzy to me (I can place bets on a horse or greyhound dog who are likely absolutely loaded on performance-enhancing drugs and abused at my local track but not on a sports team made up of human beings). Seems like making sports betting illegal is a wasted opportunity...
  10. geefrogs

    Remembering some GP teams - 2001

    Would love to hear what yall remember from these teams. Thought I'd start where it all began. A 6-6 inaugural full season for Patterson. Games that stand out: - Big season opener on ABC versus big, bad Nebraska and Eric Crouch. Watched it in Clark Hall. Enjoyed seeing our defense hold them...
  11. geefrogs

    Bowl Mania Pickem group?

    Yes, I'm a glutton for punishment. I really wanna engage myself in all 42 bowl games this year. Actually wondering if there's a bowl pickem group. For fun or for some cha-ching. Im especially keen on the Roofclaim.com Boca Raton Bowl. ESPN, yahoo, or something else. Preferably App friendly.
  12. geefrogs

    Who is the best Texas h.s. player you ever saw?

    ESPN actually did a cool little writeup on Kyler and other legendary Texas high school QBs. I know most of yall are from the Lone Star State. You can say QB or just player. Who is the best player you saw LIVE? In high school. So not a guy who became a stud in the NFL but was a great high...
  13. geefrogs

    Post-MWC, who has had it better?

    Almost 10 years later since TCU and Utah left the MWC. We can look at the overall athletic programs or just focus on football. What do yall think? Who has been better? (Obvious recency bias alert, try to think big picture)
  14. geefrogs

    Missing Persons Report - DC

    Please confirm your whereabouts. Our defense was absolutely atrocious this year.
  15. geefrogs

    Who is your favorite GP-era Horned Frog?

    Post a pic.
  16. geefrogs

    Just a reminder while TCU goes through the HC search....

    Would love to see it happen in my lifetime in Fort Worth. Plenty of qualified black coaches to interview. Hope they get a shot at the job here.
  17. geefrogs

    I kinda miss the BCS.

    For a 68-team tourney, a selection committee is fine, the room for error is more. For football, its the dumbest thing about the sport besides the targeting penalty. Bring back the computers I say.
  18. geefrogs

    Way too early 2022 HC

    Take a look at my ridiculous choices. You can pick 2. Flame me all you want. I'm sure it will be whoever Donati has ties to.