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  1. HG73

    BIG mulling no divisions and 8 game conference schedule

    Geographically the Big12 stretches across three time zones from Florida to Utah and no north/south or east/west divisions really fit. Would a no divisions arrangement fit better? I'm definitely for the eight game conference schedule as long as the SEC only plays eight games.
  2. HG73

    Good Job PAC12

    New commissioner. Got him from MGM Resorts. Prior to that was on the WNBA Board of Governors, BetMGM and Cirque du Soliel. Sounds like a real football man.
  3. HG73

    Any Gamblers Mad At Gary For Not Kicking the Extra Point?

    Wasn't the line 2.5?
  4. HG73

    Annual Statistical Analysis (Football)

    Time again for my expert number crunching to determine who is to blame for me having no bowl game to watch. These numbers compare us with baylor. They tied for the conference championship yet our numbers are eerily similar. Just a few stats that cut out all the noise. All figures are per game...
  5. HG73

    Grandys Closed

    WTH. The one across the parking lot from my office. Was walking over to get my three wings with collard greens and I thought the lot looked a little sparse. Got up to the door and it was locked. Sign said "Closed Temporarily." ???