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    Conspiracy Theory

    Folks, please don’t go Surly. We didn’t play our best and lost the turnover battle. We lost a really hard fought game. The team will bounce back. NF
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    Week 14: Conference Championship Games Thread

    And then another sack. Guarantee he’s concussed. NF
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    Week 14: Conference Championship Games Thread

    Utah looks nasty! NF
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    Thanks to the Tri lats, Bildergergs and the Illuminati

    Due to your intervention our bestest little buddy, HE15MAN, won the Big 12 OPOY over an obviously much more deserving kid named Dijon. The 40 acres is on to you and realize that the only reason this happened was to give them a pre-Christmas enema. Thank you from the bottom of my heart. NF
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    Great espn article: 12 Stories Behind TCU’s 12-0 Season

    Yeah, whatever. I got a FB warning the other day after I saw a pic of an old Frog teammate from last week's broadcast. I chimed in with a line from our shared wickedest villain of all time.. One Clubber Lang. When talking about Rocky he predicted " I will crucify him. Real bad". That's what...
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    Great espn article: 12 Stories Behind TCU’s 12-0 Season

    We're still gonna be out there swinging and givin' it hell. NF
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    K-State, TCU's Kryptonite

    Surlyhorns is a glorious train wreck! I love that board and the cheese enchiladas thread in the food and travel section is my own personal Pornhub. NF
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    Max wins Johnny Unitas Golden Arm Award

    Give yourself an attaboy! NF
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    RIP Christine McVie

    This one hurts. NF
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    GameDay at DeathStar

    The Succubus lives! NF
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    Congratulations, Tech!

    The game was definitely entertaining. They tried like Hell to ice the kicker at the end of reg but he was nails. Good luck in the post season. NF
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    Frogs Get ESPN Gameday Again

    Yeah, I'm a F the Haters guy. Funny thing is, we ain't lukewarm. Either you are in love with the Hypnotoad or you are really butthurt about us little school frauds. I say to the world of butthurt.."Please suck it." We might not be 12 inches but we're every bit of 9 and thick as a Foster's...
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    Parking for ISU game

    Big fan of parking over at Fort God. 20.00 . Always a smooth operation. NF
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    KSU Klieman the Frontrunner for Nebraska?

    Ok...so the KSU coach is announced to NU next Sunday after a win. GP is announced to KSU the same day. NU insists their coach show up immediately and start recruiting. KSU asks GP if he can immediately coach KSU in title game/post season. TV gets a boner NF
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    About that Dykes November swoon

    It's piss. NF
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    Two old tales of being too "up" for a game.

    Duggan was just looking for an ice bath. Probably really stove up. NF
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    Gentlemen, a vow is a vow...

    Now I REALLY have to meet you in person….and I used to play Santa for about 15 years. I feel like we just became best friends. NF
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    Miller blitz block

    Ahhh. I’m 54 now. Time has become a flat circle for me. NF
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    Miller blitz block

    I can’t remember if it was in the third or fourth but UT brought a wicked blitz and Miller stepped in and the Longhorn player’s knees wobbled. Anybody remember it? Is there video? It was epic. TIA. NF
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    Suck it Texas

    Tell you what. If your back can handle one game this year I would be honored for you to be my guest at Iowa State. PM me if you would like to give it the old college try. NF