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    OT - Mavericks Parking

    Taking my son to the Mavs game tonight and am a Mavs newbie. I’m seeing parking in the Blue lot is $20 but to buy a pass for the blue lot on Stub Hub in advance is $50. Will that lot fill up if we get their an hour early? Any other hot takes on parking I need to know about?
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    Best Ornament - TCU

    Not sure where I got this, but love unwrapping it every year. I know it’s early, but I have a purple tree with all TCU ornaments and figured I needed to get it out a little early after last weekend. Here’s to a future where I’ll have more ornaments like this on the tree…
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    Watching Mavs on YouTube TV

    I heard them talking about this on the Ticket the other day but tuned in as they were finishing the conversation. Apparently, even if you buy NBA league pass with YouTube TV you still get blacked out fir Mavs games. Anybody have a work around. Seems that if you are willing to pay for NBA League...
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    TCU vs CAL - Guess the line

    Early lines can be difficult to predict because you don’t know much about the team. The Frogs cruised to victory while Cal lost at home to a good Nevada team (or at least they are projected to be good). I am drinking the Kool Aid. Frogs -9.5. what do you think?
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    PAC - 12

    The PAC 12 teams this week lost to Montana, Kansas State, Utah State, Purdue, BYU and Nevada. They went 6-6 yesterday. They are such a joke and have been for decades. The lil 8 + 4 would DOMINATE the PAC 12.
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    Baylor WR’s in the NFL

    Do you remember all of those amazing WR’s from Baylor that were going to torch the NFL? They are all out of the league except Jalen Hurd (who transferred there for his sr season) and Denzel Mims. They are both 25 or younger. My guess is both will be out of the league in the next year or so. I...
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    Breaking down Usain Bolt

    For you Olympics junkies that are also skeptics, you may find this article interesting. There is an awesome chart that shows the fastest forty 100m times in history. Every single person on the list has been caught doping except Bolt. In a 12 month span, Bolt’s time went from 10.03 to 9.69, when...
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    OT - Favorite/Specialty Bourbons

    I’m about to go on a trip and I always try to get a special bourbon for the occasion. Would love to hear some great bottles y’all love to broaden my horizons. Here are some of my favorites that are difficult to find: Blantons Eagle Rare Weller 12 Buffalo Trace Elijah Craig Barrel Proof Russel...
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    FSSW - Mavericks/Rangers

    Does anyone have an idea of how/when this thing ends with not being on Hulu/YoutubeTV/Dish/etc. Not only are they losing a ton of eyeballs right now, they are losing the future. My sons are finally the age where they love basketball. All they want to do is watch Luka and the Mavs and they can’t...
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    Jamie Dixon

    Just won his 5th game in conference. He has won 5 or more conference games every season at TCU. We never won 5 games in the big 12 before he got here. I know we aren’t where we want to be, but kudos to Jamie Dixon for where we are! Pouring another bourbon to celebrate. Barrel Bourbon for...
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    Career high with 15 last night. He was 3-3 from beyond the arc and is shooting 52% from 3 this season. He is the 9th leading scorer for rookies. Love that guy!
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    YouTube TV and FSSW

    Forgive me if there is an answer already posted but I didn’t see anything posted recently on the topic. I have YouTube TV and they don’t have FSSW. What are y’all doing to get that? The only reason I want it is to watch the MAVS (and for college football during the fall). I switched from...
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    Texas celebrating HUGE win!!

    Did y’all see how good they are? How did that team not win the big 12? National Championship? Man, with that QB they are going to be SO good next year. Oh wait, it’s the same [ Finebaum ]ty UT team that gets their ass whipped over and over by TCU and every other good team in the big 12 every year for...
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    Mike Miles averaging...

    19.8 PPG his last 5 games. How many other people in the country can say this? We may have an Elf situation on our hands: “He’s pretty good. A little too good.” He keeps playing like this we may only get him for one year. The dude can flat out ball and has NBA range already.
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    Guess the Conference Championship...

    Total Points - Game 1 98 vs Game 2 48 First downs - Game 1 59 vs Game 2 40 Total Yards - Game 1 1067 vs Game 2 827 Which game was the SEC defensive juggernaut conference and which game was the Big 12 “we don’t play any defense” conference???
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    Should we keep Patterson???

    Remember after we started 1-3 when so many people were calling for his head and saying he had lost his fire. Anyone care to jump on and eat crow? I’m pouring another bourbon to celebrate a great finish to the season and a coach that I hope stays for another 5+ years!
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    PJ Fuller Role

    What happened to him? He played a bunch last year and I fully expected him to be a major player for us this year. Anybody know why he is only getting a handful of minutes a game? Are the new guys just better than him by that big of a margin?
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    Don’t look now...Jason Verrett

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    TCU vs our Rivals

    If we can beat Tech this weekend (which I know is a big IF), we would be: 6-1 in our last 7 against UT 5-1 in our last 6 against Baylor 5-2 in our last 7 against TTU Those are the only three schools I hate in the big 12. Let’s get this win and secure bragging rights against these idiots!