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  1. nwlafrog

    Max Duggan for The Heisman

    Have you ever just enjoyed a moment? Let us have something, scheiss.
  2. nwlafrog

    Max Duggan for The Heisman

    Gahdarn you’re a wet blanket
  3. nwlafrog

    Has anyone seen my specialty plates?

    Rip the knob off and rattle windows out on the way to Jerry World tomorrow!
  4. nwlafrog

    Best Thermal Underwear for sitting in a cold stadium?

    Hunting base layers under your clothes. I personally wear Plythal hunting gear. Their base layers will burn you out of them. https://www.plythal.com/collections/base-layer I have the blackout 2.0 base later that I pair with the full rut system during hunting season.
  5. nwlafrog

    Hypnotoad video

    Hell yeah, Debbie Harry went hard in the paint
  6. nwlafrog

    Uterus forum thread

    Briles was the type of guy that moans when he wipes
  7. nwlafrog

    Thoughts on 817 helmets?

    Eating SMU’s ass? That’ll show em!
  8. nwlafrog

    Thoughts on 817 helmets?

    If I was old I’d say that too
  9. nwlafrog

    Has anyone seen my specialty plates?

    The day that I quit my job to be self employed… I had to replace a tire to start the day on a zero turn mower, My work truck loses top end power on hard acceleration so I replace the fuel filter, and checked my intake and turbo, tried to started the truck and the battery is dead, I got someone...
  10. nwlafrog

    So far, so good

    I hated the “win by one” phrase. I’m not advocating for Coach Prime, but I loved his “kill a gnat with a sledge hammer” mentality. Totally opposite approach to getting the players amped up compared to LHCGP. Regardless of the competition you need to play like a madman. Not squeak by….
  11. nwlafrog

    Who will be starter

    Morris can talk some smack and take it too from what I’ve seen. Pretty fun to watch his practice footage. Kid is athletic and has no problem chirping back. A coach- “give the d something” Morris- “I’m not giving them [ Finebaum ]” *drops a dime
  12. nwlafrog

    Has anyone seen my specialty plates?

    Ha! I’m with that skin care life. My dad recently had several cancerous chunks cut out of his nose and scalp. I’m not trying to have that. I’m already bald so I cover up everything I can.
  13. nwlafrog

    Has anyone seen my specialty plates?

    Selfish plug bc I just figured out how to work Facebook and TikTok and apparently I’m an old. https://www.tiktok.com/t/ZTRUnfayp/?k=1
  14. nwlafrog

    2022 MLB Thread*

    And then the Mets fans started chucking shoes at the field bc of Billy Wagner’s blown save. Wild!