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    Win #2

  2. Peacefrog

    Win #1

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    4 for Duquesneusnquese Game?

    If anyone is looking to offload 4 tickets for the game cheaply or freely I have a good frog family coming in town for the game that needs seats. Location doesn’t matter much but odds of getting better than seats than 400’s on here vs ticket office.
  4. Peacefrog

    Tickets at the gate?

    Were they selling tickets at the gate yesterday? Only thing my wife wants for Mother’s Day is to go the game today. Really don’t want to spend $$$$ on StubHub but if they aren’t selling walk up tickets it’s my only option.
  5. Peacefrog

    Season Ticket Renewals

    Renewals start today. Not collecting funds until June 7th at the earliest plus payment plan options. No mention anywhere about covid restrictions. I’m assuming everyone got the email and capacity will be 100 percent? I received the email at 8. Renewed and received my confirmation email by...
  6. Peacefrog

    Michael O

    This answers some questions that have been asked for a few years.
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    Game On

  8. Peacefrog

    Front Porch Talk

    THIS IS NOT A VIRUS TALK THREAD. I WILL DELETE THE EVER LOVING SHIP OUT OF IT IF YOU BRING THAT CRAP IN HERE. So, with that said, anyone else worn out on the never ending debate about who is the biggest expert on pandemic responses and geopolitics? Yes, of course you are. That’s why you...
  9. Peacefrog

    It’s 2020...

    ...and we live in a world where a game show host is president, there are 73 recognized genders, the internet is practically embedded in our brains, luxury cars don’t run on gasoline and apparently finding a mate happens with a swipe rather than a clever pick up line. Could we also live in a...
  10. Peacefrog

    My Theory: Delton and GP’s Calculated Plan

    Going into the 2018 season, a highly rated recruit was all but guaranteed the starting QB job. Whether this guaranty was due to him being the best QB in the room or due to a promise made on the recruiting trail, he was going to be the starter. He was highly rated, sought after by many...
  11. Peacefrog

    What’s Your Complaint Today?

    I look forward to some eating of the crow from all you doom and gloomers.
  12. Peacefrog

    Sorry, everyone. My bad.

    I failed to hang the TCU flag on front porch two days before the game like I always do. I also wore a new hat last night. It was a good hat. Now it’s dead to me. If I had done those two things I’m sure frogs win going away.
  13. Peacefrog

    UT Injury Question

    Will Brandon Jones play this weekend or are his ankles still broken?
  14. Peacefrog

    For the Stats Nerds Out There...

    ...like me. Enjoy. http://fs.ncaa.org/Docs/stats/football_records/2018/FBS.pdf
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    Kenrich Williams, Garlon Green and NOLA

    Both signed apparently.
  16. Peacefrog

    Maroon Baylor

    https://deadspin.com/students-are-calling-out-texas-a-m-for-how-it-handles-r-1826771677 Students Are Calling Out Texas A&M For How It Handles Reports Of Sexual Assault
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    Aggy continues to amuse

  18. Peacefrog

    Just Leaving This Here...