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    Over at Texags

    Did our losses in 2013 get vacated?
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    TCU to the Big 10!

    That Veronica Vaughn is one piece of Ace. I know from experience. Well not me personally, but a guy I know. Him and her got it on. Well you could imagine what it would be like if they did.
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    Is Gary Patterson coaching the TCU defense again?!

    Duggan looked pretty good in the 4th QTR, right?
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    Consumption of Crow

    All of this reinforces that they are a rinky dink operation all the way through. It is laughable that SMU fans think they are poised to get poached into a real conference. It must suck so bad to only have one game every year to care about and then lose. Especially knowing that the team that you...
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    So Gary..

    This thread is why I spend way more time on other sites now. People still fight there, but it is like 10-1 the amount of silly fighting on this site compared to others. This is more like a social club, the others are way more TCU centric.
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    CJK5H - Finally Saw It!!

    The fact he won’t come out and deny it says something. T’s&P’s to the families of the 5.
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    Does Turpin get an invite to the NFL ...

    Ever heard of Muggsey Bogues or Eddie Gaedel?
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    AP: Rams waive LB Travin Howard, who clinched NFC title game

    I thought he started for them. I’m not an NFL guy, but the games towards the end of the season had him on the field a lot. Was someone hurt?
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    According to Ohio State a QB is

    What about when title IX rears it’s ugly head? Doesn’t seem fair to pay the male college football players that much when the female NIL deals are so much lower. Seems like the ace on the women’s softball team should be making a cool $2M.
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    OT - Movies thread

    The new Star Wars series was SO much better than the book of Boba Fett. I couldn’t be more excited after those the first two episodes. The “wokeness” of Disney is unfortunately ruining storylines because you know what is going to happen. Even with that, I absolutely loved it.
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    Texas four-year college annual tuition costs

    I graduated 20 years ago as well. I was asked to pitch TCU by someone who has a daughter looking at schools and I said unless my kids got a hefty scholarship I wouldn’t send them to TCU. The cost/benefit isn’t there unless they plan on living in Fort Worth. If you are going to live in FW it is...
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    FSU game three

    In the eye of a hurricane, there is quiet, for just a moment…a yellow sky.
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    He is currently #12 in the NBA in post season scoring through one series
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    Calling all Chicken Littles

    What point are you making? Please elaborate.
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    Calling all Chicken Littles

    I stopped beating this drum for the most part because nobody is going to change. I am convinced the constant negativity is related to one of two things: 1) They never played sports at a high level so have no appreciation for how hard it is and how good our players are. The guy who yells “How...
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    TCU Men's Tennis 2021-2022

    I know I am in the minority, but every action that may cumulatively lead to an end of the war is worth it. I know it may not make a difference but a thousand cuts may make make them bleed a bit…now back to tennis and how awesome TCU is!
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    LinkedIn: 10-Year Contract Extension for Sodexo at TCU

    I miss Jackie yelling “SPREAD?” when she wanted to know what condiment to spread on your sandwich.
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    TCU Men's Tennis 2021-2022

    We got the doubles point…