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    TCU and Title IX discussion

    Interesting article that mentions TCU manipulating numbers for Title IX TCU
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    Possible 22’ recruit Dies

    TCU mentioned as a possible destination Sad story
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    SMU losing commits we want

    Per SMU 24/7 board, "Chace Biddle decommitted and Jordan Hudson is next... Uncertainty around Samp's future certainly at play here." Both have decommited now and so have 3 others
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    Enough is enough.
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    Frog Club Luncheon

    1. N Daniels will not play this week 2. 5th year senior will play safety. Calls him a nickname of Obi-Wan Kenobi 3. Some players will be back and some more are out, including one hurt yesterday at practice. Toe/foot issue. Hard to hear exactly who as he was speaking away from my direction. 4...
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    Frog club luncheon

    1. Team had to be reminded all week to take smu seriously. Team thinks they are going to roll over them easily. 2. Not happy about people selling tickets to opposing fans 3. K Coleman might be back this week 4. Max will get better on deep balls 5. OU left the big 12 for financial reasons only...
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    I have been a basketball season ticket holder since the Tubbs era

    It is time for a change of basketball coaches. Jaime’s teams are playing old school basketball in today’s world. I can see why Pittsburgh was ready and willing to let him go. He might be able to recruit but he cannot change his philosophy. Jeremiah, you know I’m right. Please take the steps...
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    For those that like to analyze TCU tuition to our peers

    https://www.visualcapitalist.com/the-top-100-u-s-colleges-ranked-by-tuition/ Look at BYU!! Of course they subsidize those who are LDS, but still that is great for them Also, how is TCU more expensive than Rice?
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    The WAC is back playing football

    https://footballscoop.com/news/new-fcs-program-launching-in-2024/ By 2024 there will be 22 Division 1 schools in Texas!!
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    Study says TCU will struggle to stay open as compared to other schools

    https://www.profgalloway.com/uss-university I find his methods BS, he says smu will thrive--wth?
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    Kendric Davis has left smu

    http://www.ponyfans.com/phpBB3/viewtopic.php?f=3&t=88484 Grades strike again is the rumor!!
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    Club Tickets

    Okay, don't get triggered here folks!! I have some club tickets that I cannot use this year and I am not giving them up for long term reasons as they will be used in later years. Westside Club seats at the 45-50 yard line for face value if anyone is interested. Go Frogs!! PM me please
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    Chris Thomsen is leaving for FSU

    Sadly it is being reported by the media 2 good coaches lost today
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    Frog Club Lunch

    1. Innis Gaines is out for rest of season 2. Possible 2-3 other players out for this game 3. osu was one of the toughest games on players bodies in awhile 4. Xray machine at osu was of poor quality and gave poor results. Back in FW, the results were much better for Max 5. Max is playing...
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    Frog Club lunch notes

    1. We have a CB that is out besides Lewis. Might get Lewis back. Should get some folks back this week as well 2. His defense failed us against smu and it is his fault 3. They did steal our signs and they changed them for 2nd half 4. Will continue to change the signs as season progresses 5...
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    GP Frog Club Lunch today

    1. He was in a verrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrry good mood 2. Said very young team 3. 6-7 people already out 4. Both QB's will play and we are not going to ride one qb like in the past just because we made the choice early in the year--so expect to see different faces throughout the season if necessary...
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    2000 TCU vs usm in the mobile bowl

    Airing on espn classic from 1-3 pm
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    TCU makes national news

    TCU student caused disturbance on British airways flight last month that had to turn around mid flight from London to dfw. Jailed for 6 months. Wish US authorities would do this instead of typically letting them off. Was on ABC national news show. Channel 8 is leading its 6 pm news cast with...