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    frogs today daily show

    sure this has been announced somewhere and we all know there is some show on lubbock cable annex that just blows this out of the water, but i came across this on youtube and wanted to share this with the board very good interview with aj ricker i believe starting about 10 minutes, but for those...
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    updated weights on the gofrogs roster

    yeah, i know, none of this means much right now, but when you see where some of the young offensive linemen have gotten over the off-season someone has been doing some damn work in the weight room https://gofrogs.com/sports/football/roster noah daniels at 210 is interesting as well as quentin...
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    sorry top, this interview is too good to hold .....josh newton interview on 247

    referenced earlier today that gillespie mentioned a certain late year transfer who they are expecting big things from and here he is, josh newon. another great bit by jeremy. listening to josh talk, he is so impressive the way he talks through his process of transferring, his view on being...
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    sydney mclaughlin is a beast

    breaks the her own world record to become the first woman to break 51 in the 400H roughly a year after becoming the first woman to break 52 at the olympics
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    time to get this board refocused on what is important

    here we find ourselves some 3 weeks or so out from the start of fall camp and the sonny dykes era at tcu and this board is all over the place. the big 12 media day passed with scant notice here, gossip columns speculating the next conference expansion draw more attention than discussion about...
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    the mid-summer thread of over exuberance for the 2022 tcu football season

    as we sit here on june 30th we find ourselves 64 days away from the frogs 2022 football season opener on a friday night in boulder, colorado and about to hit the doldrums of the sport world baseball has still over 80 games just to get to the play-off and football is in that dreaded deadzone...
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    sonny dykes interview discussing coming to tcu

    i apologize to topfrog if this has already been linked and i am sure a good number on here have already heard this as the interview is a month or so old, but i just came across it and while sonny doesn't say anything earth shaking i found myself liking a great deal of what he said and how he...
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    for those who think tcu is the only school that gets screwed over with 11 am start times

    https://pbs.twimg.com/media/FS59-B3WUAEAf2D?format=jpg&name=900x900 personally, i love the fact that the school that has sold its soul multiple times will be hosting the biggest opponent that have had in who knows how long and it will be an 11 am kickoff the second saturday in september...
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    247 big 12 predicting best and worst case scenarios for 2022 season

    first and foremost, the author of the article doesn't have much imagination if the worst case scenario for the frogs in his article is the worst case he can create because it doesn't come close to some of the ideas i know this board is capable of even on only their second drink of the day be it...
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    two interesting comments from steve avila

    promise i will stop this topfrog, last time, but when i read the first two answers from steve avila it put a huge spotlight on a few things about how the program had fallen behind others in all areas of player development. from 247: How he would describe differences from this spring camp…...
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    it was just spring practice and these are just words, but damn good words to hear.....247 coach interviews

    we all know that the pimp of 247 is moose and i am not angling for the job. heck if it isn't free i am not reading from me, but i also won't pay for espn+ because scheiss the mouse all that aside, great job by jeremy with the interviews with sonny, and yes, the dc and not after the defense got...
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    how in the world do you shoot 9 people and get out on a 25K bond and have to wear an ankle bracelet?

    i understand the suspect have no prior convictions, but they shot 9 people at mall and are out later the very same day wearing an ankle braclet
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    247 questions with dee winters

    https://247sports.com/college/tcu/Article/TCU-Horned-Frogs-Dee-Winters-185522541/ found a few of the answers dee gave to jeremy were very interesting. such as: "But now we work on shedding a lot, so that's been really helpful and is something I'm adding to my toolbox." someone ask shannon...
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    anyone heard or seen lisa t?

    rumor is that after the end of the game in a tequila fueled rage she punched everyone wearing ua garb that looked like lute olsen, jumped into a waiting limo, crossed the border, and was last seen on stage in a tijuana karoke bar following this guy on stage maybe not, but it could have happened
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    uil realignment notes

    coaching friend after church this morning told me the uil did their bi-annual realignment last week and as always there a few districts that raised eyebrows for either the absurd travel or the level of competition think the best new district for long haul drivers is anthony in 2a who will have...
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    really, really disappointed in this board. not one mention of the issues at auburn with harsin and um...his assistant

    curious if we could see a few bigger bodies on the transfer market, such as the big dlineman from uo who committed to auburn
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    anyone heard from lisa t?

    curious if there is any tequila left in the cabana
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    How do the frogs defensive personnel fit into gillespie's 3-3-5?

    the easy joke and answer is not well, but i really do think how some of the players on the frogs roster transition into the new defensive alignment is going to be key next season yes, there will be challenges on the offensive side, but with the transfer in of ali and the potential to slide...
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    a movie so great it deserves its very own thread

    what else could possibly be left to say
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    holding the federal government legally accountable in shooting deaths

    in july a federal district judge in san antonio ruled that the u.s. government was 60% responsible for the mass shooting in which 26 people were killed in a church in south texas. the shooter was able to go into an academy store and purchase the weapons used because of information that was not...