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    2022-2023 European Football Thread

    I threw up a little in my mouth while liking this post which I sadly agree with 100%.
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    And so it begins…

    like many other things in the world today ... this is no longer economically convenient for me (based on commitments i've made) so I'm going to change the rules.
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    R.I.P. Dwayne Haskins

    classy grave dancing.
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    2022-2023 European Football Thread

    great feedback and i probably agree with pretty much all of it. Adams is by far my favorite and deserve the captain band. Hope he stays healthy, as we need his steadying presence. McKennie brings toughness and spine to the midfield along with his finishing and workrate. I really like Musah...
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    2022-2023 European Football Thread

    Interesting article ... usmnt midfield better off without weston mckennie? Argues McKennie and Musah are similarish players. So, assuming 4 in the back plus either Pepi or Ferreira at striker, is there a clear best starting next 5? -- Pulisic, Adams, Musah, McKennie, Weah, | Reyna, Aronson...
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    2022-2023 European Football Thread

    are you pefoking kidding me ...
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    2022-2023 European Football Thread

    Cards piling up. #10 cant miss that
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    The Athletic sells for $550 mill!

    Just think how many eyeballs that is! 1/6/1999
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    GP tweet

    Benignly can be read as bumbling CGP support for a gritty warrior in Max. With bitter, petty Gary (not Tom Petty) in mind, is it a shot at the QB room? Somewhere else on the roster? QB: -- Morris shows 4 games on ESPN. Is he 'hurt' or being managed for a redshirt? Did he have a procedure? -- On...
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    Official Coaching Search Thread….

    It was a pre-determined set of search criteria so that the BMDs could get their comfortable buddy hire back in the hunting lodge. Yes, its a shallow candidate pool. But given the MASSIVE changes hitting NCAA football in next 2-4 years and impacts to the university, relaxing some filters...
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    Please hire Sonny Dykes

    it's fine. it's a top 20 job.
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    2022-2023 European Football Thread

    All good points. Excited to see guys like Busio and Richards develop and really push the few who are close to being locks. Iron sharpens iron, so it's all gravy ... as long as Berhalter keeps the good team guys like Arriola and Lletget way down the bench except in mop up duty on blowouts.
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    2022-2023 European Football Thread

    I love his heart and hustle too. He's earned and deserves minutes (30+) a game. But who from the list above do you remove? It's not Musah Adams or McKennie, which leaves Pulisic or Weah. I go with Tim and bring in Aronson 15 mins into H2 (as needed).
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    2022-2023 European Football Thread

    Same page. IMO Weah was the difference maker in that game (supported by Musah out of the midfield). Tim's elite athleticism out on the wing puts added pressure on defenses pushing up the field. With his pace and ball service in like he did Friday, Weah allows Pulisic, Papi, etc to star in...
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    2022-2023 European Football Thread

    Weah is looking to lock down that right wing
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    2022-2023 European Football Thread

    i like the pace and push so far. putting Mex on their heels
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    Did Waco get carpet bombed?

    thought this was some batsignal beacon for @JugbandFrog
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    props to the band

    Sounded great. Very loud. good job.