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  1. Casey T

    Cumbie for the win

    Man I wasn't expecting to tear up in the office this morning!
  2. Casey T

    Previously known as Casey8ball

    Previously known as Casey8ball
  3. Casey T

    CCFP Expansion Approved!

    Unfortunately, competitiveness and wins aren’t part of the decision. All about $$$. None of the sooner brass care enough, and the fans will claim the payout is worth it, even though they don’t get any of the payout
  4. Casey T

    CCFP Expansion Approved!

    Except last year, the loser of their championship game won the whole thing in a rematch. So your first round loser was given another shot and won
  5. Casey T

    Colorado Pre-Game Thread

    I think they flew out yesterday, wish they had more time to acclimate
  6. Casey T

    Frogs in the NFL - 081822

    Bummer! Watching him on Hard Knocks now, he’s featured in episode 3
  7. Casey T

    B1G deal: Big Ten lands $7 billion, NFL-style TV contracts

    If my math is right, $1B per year on average divided by 16 schools comes out to $62.5M per school per year on average. Not very close to the $100M/yr number I saw thrown around. Still lots of money, and I know this doesn’t include some other revenue from bowl games and NCAA tournament
  8. Casey T

    The Harris/Biden Administration: Coming Together to Build Back Better

    I didn’t mention deflation, just that inflation is not needed. Sounds like you are not a fan of Austrian economics. Not looking to argue, just sharing another perspective for those reading who might want to look at an alternative viewpoint
  9. Casey T

    The Harris/Biden Administration: Coming Together to Build Back Better

    Completely disagree, there are different views on economics out there if you look past what the public school system teaches
  10. Casey T

    ADJD & tech’s hc on Reddit CFB’s subreddit this week

    Yeah Reddit was a great cfb community when they told everyone to cancel football in 2020 and those who supported playing were evil murderers. I respect Reddit
  11. Casey T

    KCBD: TCU recruiting coordinator calls Lubbock a ‘desert’, Red Raiders take over Twitter in response

    Oh my, they “took to” twitter and “flooded” twitter - how impressive!
  12. Casey T

    FWST: TCU, Texas Tech and Baylor’s future as Power 5 schools depends on ESPN, Fox and Big Ten

    Sounds like something sleepy Joe’s crew would make up and tweet
  13. Casey T

    Kirk Saarloss-Congratulations! Big 12 Conference Champions.

    Damn impressive to win the conference outright in his first year, with some of the grief he’s gotten from a handful of fans you’d have never guessed
  14. Casey T

    The Harris/Biden Administration: Coming Together to Build Back Better

    That doesn’t sound to me like “teachers can be sued for discussing sexual orientation even if the child is the one who asks about it (i.e. why does my classmate have two moms?) or if someone decides whatever they're discussing is inappropriate for their child regardless of the child's age.” It...
  15. Casey T

    The Harris/Biden Administration: Coming Together to Build Back Better

    Here is a quote I’ve read in several articles, are you suggesting this is not true? “The bill does not ban the word "gay" in school settings, and it does not ban casual discussions of topics relating to sexual orientation and gender identity in the classroom.”
  16. Casey T

    2021-2022 TCU Baseball Thread

    I’ve been looking for tickets for that AZ tourney for a few weeks now and still haven’t seen any, maybe closer to February
  17. Casey T

    2022 BIG 12 FOOTBALL schedule

    I’ll be in Boulder for that one, too good to pass up
  18. Casey T

    Official Coaching Search Thread….

    Dan Mullen would be an awesome hire imo