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  1. Casey T

    Frogs -10 vs Tech

    Didn’t expect that but we’re 10 point favorites. Hope Vegas knows what they’re doing!
  2. Casey T

    SEC to play 10 game conf-only schedule

    I was looking forward to a Vegas trip but sounds like it might not happen after all, assuming B12 follows the SEC's lead like I've heard might happen
  3. Casey T


    That was our total offensive yardage last night. We had 11 first downs to their 30. A grand total of 65 passing yards. I was somewhat glad last night that we kept it respectable but now am just disgusted. Time to clean house is an understatement
  4. Casey T

    Poll - Mac or no more Mac?

    This is a poll to see what the Killerfrogs community thinks about continuing to post articles written by Big Steaming Pile. This is not a request to have his content censored by the Star Telegram. The current setup on this site directly provides him with revenue and views, even though he is known for...
  5. Casey T

    NCAA denies legitimate transfer waiver

    Brock Hoffman transferred from Coastal Carolina to Virginia Tech and applied for a waiver to play immediately. His mother had a brain tumor removed and VT is half the distance from home that Coastal Carolina was. NCAA denies the waiver because he is 105 miles away from home which is not within...
  6. Casey T

    March Madness Thread

    Only upset so far is the gophers taking down Louisville. Auburn squeeked a win out. Next few games look promising right now
  7. Casey T

    WVU Shafted

    For everyone pissed about our cheezeit bowl, take a look at how WVU got royally screwed. They're a team that would've finished 9-3 if one game hadn't been cancelled, and yet they got passed up by the Alamo Bowl for an ISU team with a worse record. Instead of playing 2-loss Wazzu, they get stuck...
  8. Casey T

    Daylon Mack makes an ESPN Top 10 List

    Top 10 players not living up to their recruiting hype... http://www.espn.com/college-football/story/_/id/23804638/byron-cowart-daylon-mack-10-players-not-living-their-recruiting-hype
  9. Casey T

    Bill Hancock Comment About 2014 TCU/Baylor

    Reddit/cfb had a thread where people could ask Hancock questions about anything and today he went through the thread and answered a bunch. See below q&a and take it as you will... Question: "During the first year of the CFP, TCU/Baylor were left out for not winning a "true" conference...
  10. Casey T

    Del Conte

    Anybody hearing anything about CDC going to Nebraska? http://bigrednation.com/2017/10/rumor-alert-nebraska-may-found-new-ad/
  11. Casey T

    TCU Vegas Win Total O/U

    Just released at 7 wins on one site according to a tweet I just saw. Tied with WVU. They had OU at 9.5, OSU at 9, K State/TX both at 7.5. Not sure what to think of us but I'd bet we finish with more wins than the whorns