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    Fire Gary

    Dykes looks way older than he is. Just kind of has an old man look at 51. That ain’t old for a football coach. At all.
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    Fire Gary

    Just think, we could double his pay and be saving over $3M what we pay now.
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    How we can get a new HC next year

    I can tell you IF I attend the last two games it’s not really because I want to. A small tiny weird bit of me still feels like it’s an obligation, but that is going away. It’s too much of a beating to watch completely uninspiring football. If the powers that he don’t really care, why should I.
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    Fire Gary

    I think Dykes could be successful here. Would be a little concerned about the attention to defense, but it’s not like it can get much worse than what we ate throwing out there now. He’s about as good a fit as any reasonable candidate IMO, and a guy that might not see TCU as just another stop...
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    Are There Any Assistants You Would Keep?

    Carter wasn’t afraid to speak his mind is what I have heard. Probably one of those guys that if he were a coach and GP dog-cussed him, would have a few words to say himself
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    No More Mr. & Mrs. TCU?!??!?

    Give it time…..
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    Faith in Donati?

    He would be worse in that role than he is in his current role. No thanks.
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    TCU’s ROI

    I see what you did there.
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    Are There Any Assistants You Would Keep?

    And I know people don't like to hear this, but the promotion of Kenny Hill to QB coach reeked of a typical GP move too. Hire someone you know, like, and are looking out for rather than who might be the best possible person for the job. It's almost like GP has treated KH like he owes him...
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    Faith in Donati?

    Why are we paying someone who doesn't have the power to make that kind of move over $1M/year? I guess my inclination that he is an empty suit was right.
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    Faith in Donati?

    His next move that proves he’s anything more than a empty suit will be his first. Maybe he’s doing a lot of work and planning behind the scenes for a change in football coaches, but I doubt it.
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    Problem hiring quality assitants

    I saw that. It was ridiculous. Girl looked at him like [ What the heck? ]. The sideline among the coaches is nonstop chaos, and the players just kind of tune everything out.
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    Would you settle for 5 more years

    Yes, but that is a totally ridiculous hypothetical. The odds we ever win a national title are about 1 in a million. I just want to see a much better product that what’s been thrown out there the last 5 years, and that is certainly possible.
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    Are There Any Assistants You Would Keep?

    Why? His unit might be underperforming more than any other. I think if every one of our assistants became a free agent, their next job would be at best a lateral move, and most likely a demotion. Maybe a huge demotion.
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    Gameday Thread: TCU vs Mountaineers (Early Edition)

    Somehow we were able to have some pretty damn good defenses though. And some of the best players we’ve had on that side of the ball were way under the radar recruits. I’d take a Chucky Hunter, Davion Pierson, Jason Verrett, Josh Carraway, Chris Hackett, Sam Carter, and a Derrick Kindred any...
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    Cooper and Bethley used to be solid players. Not anymore. They don’t even seem that interested anymore. The passion is gone.
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    Hey Gary you suck

    Easily the softest team we’ve had in 20 years. Not even close. There isn’t one player on the defense that plays mean.
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    We’ve got a transfer DLineman from UCF who was a pretty productive player there and somehow the staff can’t figure out how to get him on the field and contribute to THIS putrid defense. Mind boggling. If that isn’t an indictment of this coaching staff, I don’t know what is. Same with Marcel...
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    There’s no need to unless you just consider it a donation. Buy the cheapest seats you can on stubhub and sit basically wherever you want.
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    Tear down the statue.

    Yeah, I misunderstood I guess. I don’t care if the statue stays up, but a complete shake up is in order. Apathy has set in. People are going to the games for strictly the social aspect, very few people have much hope in the team.