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  1. Pure Purple

    FWST Big 12’s Bowlsby is ‘very bullish’ on the league’s value even after Texas, OU depart

    'Greed' is the bell cow navigating college football and the manipulative shepherd is ESPN.
  2. Pure Purple

    Oh my - The American Conference (no longer P6 -lol)

    SMU's athletic future appears to be floundering in uncharted waters. Interest is so profoundly depressed that fan attendance in their tiny antiquated stadium is virtually nil. Oddly, refusing to accept their own shortcomings they place much of their misfortune on TCU. Conveniently forgetting...
  3. Pure Purple

    247 Sports: TCU HC Gary Patterson updates injury status for key players

    Any truth to the rumor that Gary has a medical dictionary that he uses to concoct the names for various injuries or has the program simply evolved into a convalescent home?
  4. Pure Purple

    FWST: TCU football coach Gary Patterson goes on the defensive again

    Apparently, Frog' adherents are a wee bit too naive to truly comprehend...."and understand how everything actually works". What they witness on the field and deem to be a reality....is simply an illusion. Now sit down and shut up! :(
  5. Pure Purple

    Oh my - The American Conference (no longer P6 -lol)

    Buzzards circling over SMU's Tinkertoy stadium...an undeniable stench of abandonment hovers over the entire campus.
  6. Pure Purple

    Oh my - The American Conference (no longer P6 -lol)

    SMU's Forum rapidly regressing into morbidly deep despair.....
  7. Pure Purple

    So who is your replacement?

    Beware….complacency is a malady that can evolve into stagnation.
  8. Pure Purple

    Coach O

    I have seven cousins who are LSU graduates and that "Geaux Tiger" malarkey is borderline fanaticism.
  9. Pure Purple

    I smiled when Herbstreit talked about TCU injuries.

    Strange, that TCU always seems to be devastated by a string of injuries. Reality or a diversion?
  10. Pure Purple

    I smiled when Herbstreit talked about TCU injuries.

    After 24 years, Gary has a rhetorical response to any forms of critical comment. The effectiveness of any such criticism is akin to "water off of duck's back".
  11. Pure Purple

    FWST: ‘I’ve never played to lose.’ TCU football’s Patterson defends late-game strategy vs. OU

    Bottom line.....never trust the inane ramblings of a guitar picker.
  12. Pure Purple

    Gameday Thread: TCU at OU

    After assuring us that he was going to fix the defense…it seems that all Gary really accomplished was to (censor) it up even more.
  13. Pure Purple

    Gameday Thread: TCU at OU

    Confused and abused….this defense is a disaster waiting to happen.
  14. Pure Purple

    The Athletic: TCU QB Max Duggan, RB Zach Evans 'questionable' this week at No. 4 Oklahoma

    Have a little optimism, no reason to despair should things not go well..... Gary can always cheer us up with his rendition of "Take A Step Back".
  15. Pure Purple

    Fansided: Caleb Williams likely to start vs. TCU, Spencer Rattler's father addresses transfer rumors

    Consider the sheer luxury of being able to choose between two talented QBs.
  16. Pure Purple

    Oklahoma Restaurant question

    Ah, hard to surpass the allure of magical Big 12 destinations like...Lubbock and Stoolwater. :rolleyes:
  17. Pure Purple

    ARE We "Purple Baylor"?

    Behold, taunts initiated by an academic cesspool (nationally ranked at #213)..... second lowest in the Big 12.
  18. Pure Purple


    Class of 1992
  19. Pure Purple

    We are just going to have accept this defense is what it is

    Secondary seems somewhat confused when executing pass coverage and has a discernible incompetency in securing tackles.