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    2021 Ladies soccer thread….

    Lunch at the local Hy-Vee restaurant after church today and they had the women's soccer game going on one of the TV's.
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    Gameday Thread: Back in the Saddle? TCU at Tech

    Lugubrious. Sorry for being pedantic! Go Frogs!
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    L.J. Collier MIA?

    Sermon is finished. I never wait until this late in the week to finish up. Have a great day and Go Frogs!!
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    L.J. Collier MIA?

    Plan out? Perhaps you meant pan. Not sure what plan out means.
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    This Just In!

    "everyone should the anxious." How about a little proofreading of your text before you hit enter!
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    Dukaaaane prediction thread

    TCU at 42 points by halftime. Duggan throws 3 TD passes, two to Q Johnson who will have over 100 yards receiving and the other to J.D. Spielman. Evans and Miller both have over 100 yards rushing and a TD each in the first half. Another 3 TD's scored in the 2nd half. A touchdown throw from...
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    TCU Left out again?

    No affiliation with the Church of Christ. Affiliated with the Christian Church (Disciples of Christ) And certainly not governed by the denomination. Perhaps time to do a little research and get your facts straight. Have a great day!
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    OT - Books that should be movies

    The "Pellucidar" series of books by Edgar Rice Burroughs. John Carter movie got terrible reviews but I really liked it.
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    OT - Books that should be movies

    Any of the "Prey" novels by John Sandford. One was made years ago but with incredibly wrong casting. Also the spin-off books with Virgil Flowers. Love the Reacher novels, and while I am a fan of Tom Cruise, he is just not right to play Reacher.
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    247 Sports: TCU nabs UT-Arlington transfer Shahada Wells

    Check a map Brandon. Fort Worth is not east of Arlington!!
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    Iowa State's Rasir Bolton enters transfer portal

    Local Des Moines news station just reported during sports that Rasir Bolton has entered the transfer portal. He was their leading scorer this past season. His post on twitter makes it sound like he was planning on staying on at the school but wasn't being given that opportunity. New coach at...
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    Waco Tribune-Herald: Frogs jump on Baylor in 11-2, series-clinching trouncing

    Nope, from smote. https://www.thefreedictionary.com/smiting
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    The Transfer Portal claims another one...

    Wasn't TCU his second place to go? Maybe if he stuck around somewhere he might get some playing time.
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    The Transfer Portal claims another one...

    Any ideas as to why he never got any playing time? One brief moment at the end of the season.
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    Steve Prohm out at Iowa State

    They have already made a hire.
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    Steve Prohm out at Iowa State

    What was amazing was how quickly they hired him. Prohm probably hardly had time to get his office cleaned out!
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    Steve Prohm out at Iowa State

    Living in Iowa now and about 45 miles or so from Ames, about an hour from Des Moines. Saw in the news that Prohm is out at Iowa State. Won the conference championship in 2019 and then 2-22 this season. Will be interesting to see whom they hire.
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    MBB Game v KSU Tonight

    Looking better now. Hopefully continue to play well going into the second half.