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  1. netty2424

    A&M building downtown campus.

  2. netty2424

    UFC 264: Poirier McGregor 3

    Any UFC fans have predictions on the fight tonight? I’ve got Poirier to win by KO in 3rd round. CM will gas out and DP will destroy him.
  3. netty2424

    RIP Jake Ehlinger Texas Longhorn LB

    Texas LB and younger brother to Sam, found dead. Terrible news.
  4. netty2424

    Mike Miles Q&A: IG@frogscountry

    Mike Miles curently doing a live Q&A on @frogscountry Instagram account. Some interesting answers in there from him, including him stating TCU will "be better next season"............"big transfer coming in today" that will be announced this evening. He also stated he is staying in Ft Worth, if...
  5. netty2424

    NicK Saban Recruiting Video

  6. netty2424

    Game Thread TCU NDSU

    Go Frogs!
  7. netty2424

    Vertical Pellet Smokers

    Anyone have experience or thoughts on vertical smokers? -Pellet smokers specifically. -Brand recommendations. -Must have features/benefits. -Where does the quality cost benefit come play- construction, temp consistency, pellet efficiency(if there is such a thing)? -Pellet brand reco’s? I...
  8. netty2424

    RIP Kobe Bryant

  9. netty2424

    OT- Ft Worth Stock Show & Rodeo

    Been years since we’ve been back to the stock show, but planning on it this year as it starts back on the 17th. Any regulars have any pro tips, best days to go, fun things for kids to do that might be off the beaten path, etc? @Mean Purple I believe spends some time there? Anyone else...
  10. netty2424

    How to remove credit card from kf.c Acct?

    Admin- How do we remove our cc from any future charges?
  11. netty2424

    ADJD’s BIG and NEW Game Day Announcements!

    ADJD will announce a BIG and NEW game day experience improvement every day! Let’s post them here since the other thread pivoted. Focus!
  12. netty2424

    Celebrating the life of a Frog!

    Today we laid to rest a fellow Frog. Heather Harper was class of ‘97(if I’m not mistaken). She started out in sports medicine at the University of Arkansas and decided to transfer to TCU, where she graduated. Heather was a reserve state champion in the Arkansas Appaloosa Horse Club. She is a...
  13. netty2424

    Remember this: Vengeance

    Was looking for the information on my Frog Alley brick and stumbled across a link I had emailed myself of the best TCU hype video ever produced imo. Haven’t seen this one in a few years, but there was so much meaning in this one and it was just packed full of killers.
  14. netty2424

    Game Thread: TCU vs #17 ISU

    ISU favored -9.5. O/U 145.5. TCU 4-0 at home, 0-5 on the road in conference play. ISU is deep with plenty of scoring off the bench recently. Going to be a fight! Go Frogs!
  15. netty2424

    TCU Vs KSU Game Thread

    Noi out sick. Yikes.
  16. netty2424

    BU V TCU Game Thread

    will start on espn news.
  17. netty2424

    2018 Cheez-it Bowl Game Thread

    Watching the famous Idaho Bowl and thought our Cheez-It Bowl is right around the corner. If you haven’t been to the Bowl Guide on the GoFrogs.com site under the Bowl Central page, you can download the 64 page Bowl Guide there, link below. More TCU, Big12, and Cal information than I would know...
  18. netty2424

    TCU v USC Game Thread

    TCU takes on USC at 8:30pm on FS1. TCU -2 O/U 151.5 Go Frogs!!
  19. netty2424

    Coaching Carousel- 2018

    I know the Kingsbury news was posted in another thread, but it’s about time for some coaching movement across the country so here’s the thread. Looks like Kliff Kingsbury will get it started this year.