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  1. Hemingway

    Arizona is shopping

    https://www.heartlandcollegesports.com/2022/07/27/arizonas-administration-would-like-to-be-in-the-big-12-right-now-report/ Sounds like Arizona is in play
  2. Hemingway

    Is Fort Worth/Tarrant Co. getting packed with Californians ?

    Haven’t been back in awhile, thought about heading home permanently. However, I’ve heard that there are a bunch of Californians moving in , jacking up house prices and bringing crazy attitudes. Any truth to this?
  3. Hemingway

    Happy Thanksgiving Thread

    Happy Thanksgiving 2020. Heck of a year. I’m not in Texas, but I do miss it. Regardless of all that has happened, it’s still Thanksgiving. I’m thankful I’ve got some Texans in my neighborhood and some family flew in. It can only get better from here!
  4. Hemingway

    Article 12 of the USCON

    12th amendment. Sorry I believe that this is where the country is headed. The founders designed things this way. In the event that a election cannot be certified by inauguration the election is decided by the House. Currently the Republicans have the house at 37. It’s been done twice. I...
  5. Hemingway

    Where are we as a program?

    I haven’t been able to make to frogland in awhile. I live my TCU football from killerfrogs. I can’t make heads or tails of how we are doing. I can’t get all the games on tv. At one point HCGP, was out or should be out over his assistants. But we’ve beat Baylor and Tech recently. Is the get rid...
  6. Hemingway

    Chill out, HCGP is a great coach

    guys, chill the hell out. 5 threads about how horrible Gary Patterson is. He’s the greatest coach in Tcu history. There is no reason to call for his job. He built the program. He will fix it. Im glad he’s to busy fixing it right now and doesn’t have time to come and read those threads. I’m...
  7. Hemingway

    Official J. Garrett is Fired/ New Hire Poll

    I’ve had it. What a waste of talent. How the hell does he still have a job. Jerry needs to do us a favor , and hire Riley out of Okie for us. Midseason firing ?
  8. Hemingway

    ESPN +

    looking through espn+ that has come with my Disney + bundle and noticed the “XII on ESPN” button. Actually lots of content with several coaches shows and programming. Not a single TCU program. No Gary Patterson Show. Is this by choice ? I can’t imagine how kstate etc would get a show and...
  9. Hemingway

    I’m now on board with new OC

    Ive fought it. We are getting smoked with 3 man rushes. We look like a antiquated crap team on offense. It’s not even .... just stop even pretending right now like we don’t have a problem.
  10. Hemingway

    Taggart out at FSU.

    They paid his 18 mill buyout. Top 10 job in the country. Stoops is listed as a candidate. This job search will get interesting. Imagine we’ll see Patterson on the list , even though I have no idea what his buyout is.
  11. Hemingway

    Sonny Dykes coaching opportunities

    well, he’s 8-0 right now. I can’t imagine him not using this as springboard to greener pastures. Sending smu back down. Tennessee will need a coach, maybe Arkansas too. ACC will have Miami and maybe FSU if taggert loses 2 more games. Okie State if the Mullet moves on. Any other ideas...
  12. Hemingway

    Captain Obvious: 4-2 is better than 3-3

    Just looking at our schedule with both okie games on the road. I’d be great to pick this game up for bowl reasons. Can’t tell if Baylor is for real yet. So a loss today and assuming a UT and Oklahoma loss, we got maybe a 20% chance to go bowling. Win and picking up two more wins is much more...
  13. Hemingway

    Ross Perot dead at 89 yrs old.

    Final net worth 4.1 billion. Good shift. RIP
  14. Hemingway

    TCU Grill Covers

    Just did a new summer kitchen, need a TCU grill cover. Can anyone make a suggestion?