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  1. PurpleBlood87

    Mama's Pizza on Berry has been remodeled

    No sure how I feel about this new look.
  2. PurpleBlood87

    Who remembers this guy?

  3. PurpleBlood87

    2022 College World Series Thread

    Sorry just can't cheer for the Aggies.
  4. PurpleBlood87

    Texas will light the tower for almost anything it seems

  5. PurpleBlood87

    Bowlsby steps down

  6. PurpleBlood87

    This photo says it all

    A man among girls.
  7. PurpleBlood87

    Baylor beats Texas in the final game at the Drum

    In the last minute, the Baylor fans were mockingly chanting "SEC! SEC! SEC!"
  8. PurpleBlood87

    Free baseball ticket for today's game

    First come first served. Just follow this link. Can't use it today working covering the game. You are just going to download the MLB app. https://atmlb.com/3hlth6e
  9. PurpleBlood87

    No Miles versus Okie Light

    Not participating in pregame shoot around. Unless you consider standing under the basket talking participating.
  10. PurpleBlood87

    What the heck is going on in Lubbock?

  11. PurpleBlood87

    Good article on former Frog Rob Adams

    Hope this hasn't already been posted. The Pop Warner Offense That Confounded Sean Payton, and What It Says About Offensive Innovation in the NFL http://grantland.com/the-triangle/the-pop-warner-offense-that-confounded-sean-payton-and-what-it-says-about-offensive-innovation-in-the-nfl/
  12. PurpleBlood87

    NFL Playoff Thread

    Anyone else watching?
  13. PurpleBlood87

    Help a Frog out

    If you could click on this link to my article about the Panther City Lacrosse Club I'd be grateful. https://www.star-telegram.com/article257374702.html
  14. PurpleBlood87

    TCU ticket office

    Anyone know when the ticket office reopens after the holiday's? Called today and it was closed but nothing on the message saying when it would reopen. Need to get something corrected on my baseball season ticket invoice.
  15. PurpleBlood87

    Remember this Guy?

  16. PurpleBlood87

    Quick Lane Bowl game announcers

    Announcers for the game are really funny. They are actually having a good time working a 10 am game in Detroit.