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  1. Chongo94

    OT - For y’all’s burger choices this holiday weekend…

    Enjoy… Burger 'that tastes like human flesh' despite being vegan wins top award
  2. Chongo94

    Tom Brady is coming back…

    For his 23rd season. https://www.nfl.com/_amp/buccaneers-qb-tom-brady-announces-i-m-coming-back-for-23rd-season-in-tampa
  3. Chongo94

    Free Throws….why in the scheiss

    ….have we been pretty pathetic at consistently hitting these for over a decade? It makes no sense to me. I mean we have been fairly atrocious at them through multiple coaching reigns and beyond numerous recruiting classes now. It seems almost statistically impossible to be this consistently bad...
  4. Chongo94

    OT - Murder Under the Friday Night Lights, River Oaks

    So I happened to catch this show this morning called Murder Under the Friday Night Lights. It’s a new docuseries on the ID channel or some channel like that about crimes connected to high school football…kinda. Anyway, the very first episode was about this serial killer/rapist dude striking...
  5. Chongo94

    OT - Meatloaf passed away

    Died at age 74…
  6. Chongo94

    The USFL is back…

    Did y’all know this? Had no idea until I saw the coaching announcements today. Houston Gamblers are back in action! Games are gonna be on Fox and NBC…starts up in April. https://www.foxsports.com/stories/other/what-you-need-to-know-for-usfl-in-2022-four-head-coaches-announced
  7. Chongo94

    OT: VPN info and suggestions

    I’m wanting to get a VON and I’m leaning towards ExpressVPN but there is just so much info and reviews out there I wanted y’all’s thoughts before I purchase. I’m just wanting it for a little bit more added security and privacy. I’m not running any type of fancy home network or business. A...
  8. Chongo94

    Big 12 Official speaks out

    Funniest thing I’ve seen all day…
  9. Chongo94

    CFL playoffs on….

    …For those that are meh on the NFL. Eastern conference semifinal is currently airing on ESPN2 involves Montreal vs Hamilton in the snow. It looks nothing like yesterday’s snow games but maybe later it will. Jeremiah Masoli is the Hamilton Tiger-Cats starting qb.
  10. Chongo94

    New Staff question

    I don’t follow the coaching ranks well enough so I really don’t know much of anything of this potential new staff aside from Kaz. Could anyone that really follows this stuff with some knowledge explain the strengths of this purported staff? And I’m not trolling, I honestly don’t know enough...
  11. Chongo94

    Players starting and player decisions

    I hate to be that guy but after Morris’ and Banks’ play today, I’m struggling to understand how these two guys did not earn more playing time through the course of the season. What do you think was the staff’s reasoning behind this? I’m really curious as to the thought process here if anyone...
  12. Chongo94

    Olympics Thread

    In other news, the Olympics is going on and officially starts today with the opening ceremony. Rowing is on today with some 3x3 basketball and handball on later I believe.
  13. Chongo94

    OT - John Wayne Exhibit

    Have any of y’all been to this? Did y’all even know it was here? Am I just super late to this?? Apparently it will run for 3 years at the stockyards. https://www.johnwayne.com/blog/2020/11/17/an-intimate-look-at-the-life-of-americas-top-cowboy
  14. Chongo94

    OT - Fairly Iconic TV Intros

    This post/thread is the direct result of sports doldrums and insomnia. Forgive me for not posting in the correct forum, just figured more eyes in this forum might enjoy the memory lane trip before it’s moved. Feel free to add any from your era(s) you remember. Was scrolling some social media...
  15. Chongo94

    Aledo wins again...

    10th state title. Most ever with 9 of those coming in the last 11 years. Ridiculous.
  16. Chongo94

    Did anyone know the Heisman...

    ...was tonight?
  17. Chongo94

    Texas School for the Deaf...

    Won its first ever state title in football last night. Pretty neat little story if you haven’t already seen it. https://bleacherreport.com/articles/2922056-texas-school-for-the-deaf-makes-history-wins-1st-ever-state-football-title
  18. Chongo94

    Art Briles and Texas Tech

    Just heard from a Tech buddy that rumors are starting to gain some steam about Briles coming to Tech. There seems to be a group of big donors willing to make it happen. Might not be anything to this but there does seem to be a little smoke to it. Unreal if actually true.
  19. Chongo94

    If you could choose a new offensive scheme...

    What would you choose? You can be specific ie Iowa State’s, Alabama‘s, Ol’ Miss, etc... or just general ie one that only has perhaps two known running backs instead of 5 none of which appear to be a set starter, one that uses its TEs, slants, etc...
  20. Chongo94

    Other games - Oct. 3

    Didn’t see it...sorry if I missed it. Tech’s Qb already couldn’t make it through the first quarter. Down 7-0 to Kansas State so far.