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    Lisa LT

    If you haven't watched this flick, I recommend you watch THE MAGIC OF BELLA ISEL with Morgan Freeman. And for all the rest of Lisa's out there, you too might enjoy this heart warm, finely crafted movie.
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    This does not surprise me!

    Yesterday, I listened to an ex NFL player talk about his day in pro football and a report he wanted to make on his radio show. One thing struck when he said he had interviewed ten college assistant coach's who said w/o hesitation, "yes I'll say 85 to 90% of the players today are not happy with...
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    General politics

    I have a good friend who just sold his computer security based international business for 438 million. He is going to work for another like company for several million a year, told me , we will never fight another war face to face. It will be a grid war and it will be cause unbelievable...
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    Don't be surprised if Gary accepts the defensive analysts job at UT. Understand he's anxious to talk to them again. CDC gave UT a good recommendation on GP. Although Gary would say differently, think this period in his life had to come and pass. Who knows, if it works out for all parties it...
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    Old Smokey

    This past weekend sat at street bar in downtown Weatherford and asked for an espresso which made all of us praising the taste. Called Old Smokey Butter Pecan Espresso Moonshine. Holy cow that was good!!
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    Morris et al

    I would like an explanation why Morris hasn't played more? And Barber, that was the old Barber yesterday and why didn't he play more this season? There were others that played yesterday and made a big contribution and we hadn't heard much from then either. Anybody know what the heck?
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    Peel back the onion layers boys

    Quick questions: Why would it be in Gary's best interest to get an extension right away? Gary's contract is up in two years. If i'm a good assistant coach who is highly thought of and services in demand, would I uproot my family for two years? If your head coach gets an extension of 5 yrs...