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    OT ... Trevor Noah... crushed it at the Correspondence Dinner !

    Really good stuff !!!
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    Lubbock must have changed a lot !

    Tech is killing it on the 2023 Football recruiting trail...
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    Is Prime going to be available/interviewed for our open CBs coach?

    Would it not be better for Prime to jump to a P5 position coach with lots of potential ... or a 2-8/3-7 lower level G5 HC job or a DC for any level G5 spot. That's where you help maximize your D and Portal positioning attack. Probly no, but still think a reasonable strategy for this staff.
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    Two 2024 Big12 members playing in the 2021 Big12 CCG...

    Chances have also increased for this year's CFP could have 2 of the Big12's 2024 members... that would be hilarious !!!
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    Present Big12 vs Future Big12

    Today's Big 12 has 3 teams in the AP Top 20, after week 10 Tomorrow's Big12 has 5 teams in the AP Top 20, after week 10 PAC12 has 1 team in the AP Top 25, after week 10
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    Haven't bought my tics to the Guaranteed Rate Bowl yet ...

    Split with ISU/OSU, beat KU and Zona here we come ...lol !!
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    Present Big12 vs Future Big12

    Present Big12 has 3 teams in the AP top 20 and the Future Big 12 have 5 teams in the top 20...
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    Who better than GP to be our AD

    Actually thought, when the day came, CGP would be offered the AD post and JD sent back to his old spot where he belongs. What are these people thinking at Our University. Without CGP there is no New Stadium... without CGP there is no Big12 membership... without CGP there is no fantastic Bowl...
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    Looks like a team that has given up on the season!

    have always stuck up for these guys every year, no matter what. But never seen this before....
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    TCU Ranked #27 among 65(P5's) Richest Football Programs

    Coming from the PA -Penn Live/Patriot News ranking via School's football revenue, with TCU at $61 Million. Programs behind the Frogs #27... and there are many Big $urprises... Numbers are in Million$ BIG: NW 59 /Indiana 56 /Purdue 52 /Maryland 45 /Rutgers 32 SEC: Ole Miss 53 /Kentucky 44 /MSU...
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    Would like to see the Lil'8....

    Would Like to see the Lil'8 finish the 2021 season with 1 Team in the Top10 and at least 3 in the Top25.
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    Quality of a Few B12 Expansion Candidates

    Going back to the end of 2013 football season, end of the 2nd year following the last Great Poach..... there were a few B12 G5 candidates who fared very well as G5 TV viewership over P5 schools. What could they become as a member in a P5 league. Here's a few G5's that out performed some P5...
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    living/vacation/doing business overseas... how to watch the Frogs

    From either Europe or Asia is there a site or online avenue to watch the Frogs...
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    Joseph Adedire

    Great job staff !!!
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    LV Westgate Sports Book Heisman Odds

    1) Spenser Rattler OU............... 5 - 1 6) tie Casey Thompson UT..... 25 - 1 9) tie Brock Purdy ISU............. 30 - 1 9) tie Bijan Robinson UT........ 30 - 1 Possible the Sharps layed Thompson down as a Suckers Bet, most probably. 4 Big 12 players out of their top 13 players on the...
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    The OL could be gnarly

    With the latest pre-August depth chart of June 21st, and if that remains in tact... Front 5 will have a total of 52 starts The 2nd 5 will have 25 starts The most interesting battle may be between Blake Hickey and Wes Harris at RG Plus some very interesting young Big and Uglies
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    Mark Jackson Jr(#42)

    He had a quality 2018 nseason at OU... but not hearing much about his potential for us, since his transfer here.?.
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    Seniors returning for 2021 .?.

    There been any seniors that have committed yet... or a small list already started up....
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    Is La Tech a trap game that could ruin a winning season

    They have a very solid ball club and coaching staff, it appears.
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    This crony/buddy thing has to go.... or GP, you're going to lose the donors/fans/players/and school. Urban Meyer and the rest of the crew at half time were scratching their heads and said some thing is wrong in FW. We know what it is. Even with 3 OL starters out, the Next 3 up should be...