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    Pete Hoener has retired from football

    Former TCU football coach under Pat Sullivan and current Washington TE Coach has announced his retirement. https://www.hogshaven.com/2022/2/18/22940900/washington-tes-coach-pete-hoener-retires-juan-castillo-hired?fbclid=IwAR1fh-sOeS3cqEMFBmrC6jAUYcOp-w2MwZRlSa_GK2KPiNu-63PIUiEQUvo
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    Southlake QB Skips Senior Season

    Quinn Ewers skips Dragons Senior season to enroll at Ohio State, cites NIL and opportunity to make money. https://www.espn.com/college-football/story/_/id/31942467/source-qb-quinn-ewers-no-2-prospect-2022-skipping-senior-season-join-ohio-state
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    Fort Worth Funk Game

    Looking forward to seeing all off the former players again tomorrow at 1:00 on ESPN3. Does anyone know if anywhere is having a watch party, maybe Dutch’s or Buffalo Bros.?
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    “Mo Money Mo Problems” Chris Del Conte

    This is a fun read to see what CDC has to deal with down in Austin. I also like how this has to be disclosed at a public school. https://247sports.com/college/texas/LongFormArticle/Texas-football-Urban-Meyer-Tom-Herman-hot-seat-Eyes-of-Texas-controversy-155902855/#155902855_4
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    Farrington Field

    Just read the history of this place. It’s around the same age as Amon Carter Stadium & it has hosted an amazing variety of events. https://www.pressboxdfw.com/farringtons-boys-begin-their-80th-season-at-the-fort-worth-landmark/
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    Vote for Jonathan Song

    The Lou Groza Award has a voting section for the semifinalists & we should help him out with our votes https://www.lougrozaaward.com/19semifinalists
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    Dan Jenkins Book Launch

    If you are going to the men's basketball game tonight versus Southwestern, you may want to stop by the Alumni Center before the game. The TCU Press is having a launch and reception from 4:30 to 7:00 for "The Reunion at Herb's Cafe"
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    UT Visiting Band Section

    Looks like CDC is taking heat for this move again. https://www.businessinsider.com/texas-lsu-band-nosebleed-seats-2019-9?utm_content=buffercdd40&utm_medium=social&utm_source=facebook.com&utm_campaign=buffer-insider-main
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    6 Day Selection Window for WVU game

    Is anyone else annoyed that we still don’t know the start for the game next weekend?
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    Purdue Next Season

    If anyone thought we were getting off easy next season by swapping the Boilermakers for the Buckeyes, they aren't watching that game tonight.
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    Trinity Shakespeare Festival Ends

    Kinda sad news about this. http://www.theaterjones.com/ntx/features/20180629134311/2018-06-29/Could-We-Lose-Trinity-Shakes
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    Estridge turns down Aggies

    This makes me happy! http://www.theeagle.com/aggie_sports/tcu-broadcaster-pulls-name-from-candidacy-for-a-m-job/article_b0a2cb54-6501-11e8-8edc-5f67c865930f.html
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    Dixon v Boeheim Record

    We may be 0-4 against Syracuse but Dixon is 15-6 against them. When he left Pitt they they were hoping to never see him again. My favorite part of this 2016 article is at the end " I can guarantee you Jim Boeheim never, ever schedules the TCU Horned Frogs."...
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    Coach Dixon on Jim Rome Show Today

    He is the next segment