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    No Gary Patterson lunch today?

    I thought they were the Thursday before each home game.
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    Recording ESPN+

    I have Direct TV with a DVR. I would assume if I subscribe to ESPN+ I would receive that thru my Firestick. Is there a way to record games or does ESPN+ keep them and you just have to search for it like watching Band of Brothers for 34th time?
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    Alice Carlson Parking

    I park on the grass and am wondering if anyone knows if that lot will be open tomorrow.
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    Free Pepsi

    Two games and so far no free Pepsi.
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    Traveler Gypsies

    Someone mentioned running into a group of Traveler Gypsies at a local mall a while back. Do they still have a presence in Fort Worth? I hope that's not racist.
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    Thoughts on a rule change

    In the Kansas State v UCLA game Kansas State scored a touchdown and UCLA was flagged for a horse collar in the end zone. I assume (was watching in a restaurant and didn't actually see) the penalty was assessed on the kick off meaning it was just easier for KSU to kick it out of the end zone...
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    You can't take drinks out of ACS?

    A friend of mine leaving the stadium Saturday had to pour his drink out (large soda in a plastic souvenir cup), according to the blue shirted security person. What is up with that? Can someone please tell me the logic in that?
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    Is Letterman's Tailgate Still in Schollmaier(sp)?

    And is it still $15