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    Am I The Only One To Know or The Last One To Know….

    GP to UT a done deal.
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    OT: Boomer Threads

    My grown daughters howl at my clothes and I don't get it. I'm a sharp dresser and they're full of [ #2020 ]. My go-to attire: Everyday business: Jos. Banks button-down, leather weave belt, Levi relaxed fit jeans, white New Balance tennis shoes with matching white...
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    Stop Staring at the Stupid Bat Label!!

    You wanna fix this mess? Stop this Karma crap. Just step up, tug on you’re nuts a few times, spit on the scheissing plate, and act like you wanna be there.
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    The Whiniest and Most Pathetic Fanbase Ever!

    Texas (Hehe)
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    Frogs Get Hurt

    ...by Fisher’s absence. Man, kid can’t catch a break.
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    Perspective, Lads

    Well, I’ve been laid up all weekend and I’ve learned this by being in front of the tv for hours on end: If you’re truly obsessing over the wildcat formation and turnovers and assistant coaches who have suddenly gone bad after fifteen magnificent seasons and the possibility of a 5 win season...