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  1. WhatTheFrog

    White-Grey game 5 years ago

    Look at the names on that roster. Good memories.
  2. WhatTheFrog

    Spring Kickoff April 17 11:00

    Are masks going to be required for this? Didn't see a mention of it in the email.
  3. WhatTheFrog

    2011 Rose Bowl 9AM today on ESPNU

    Also, where is the toggle to display this website in classic view? I've brainfarted.
  4. WhatTheFrog

    PSA: 3 2015 TCU football road games reairing Tues 6/2

    Fox College Sports Central (UVerse 648 and others) 2am TCU@TTU 5am TCU@KSU 8am TCU@OSU
  5. WhatTheFrog

    If there is no March Madness...

    did we just win a National Championship (along with every other team)? Yes, I know, participation trophy. That's how the NC is determined though (NCAA basketball tourney), right? A tad tongue-in-cheek, but I see others claiming a NC this year without earning it by winning the tourney. Why...
  6. WhatTheFrog

    NBC5: TCU Extends Spring Break, Closes Classrooms Amid Coronavirus Concerns

  7. WhatTheFrog

    WBB vs. K State

    This game is pretty ugly so far. That's all I've got at this time. It's on FSSW for those interested.
  8. WhatTheFrog

    4 free gen adm tix for Saturday's Armed Forces Bowl

    I have 4 tickets for the Lockheed Martin Armed Forces Bowl this Saturday, Jan 4 at 1030 at Amon G. Carter Stadium. This year's game will be Univ. of Southern Miss and Tulane. Only catch is that I will have to meet up today to hand tickets over. I would include my parking spot, but it isn't...
  9. WhatTheFrog

    The videos that play on the right side of the screen...

    they suck. AND, they suck up unnecessary bandwidth. That is all.
  10. WhatTheFrog

    Kansas St Look-A-Like Thread

    https://www.kstatesports.com/roster.aspx?roster=1249&path=football Someone's falling down on the job. I'll start... Daniel Green Angler Fish
  11. WhatTheFrog

    Iowa says marching band subjected to ‘inappropriate’ actions

    https://apnews.com/bdfc7e2be6904043a4e20cb01931a149 What do you figure it was? It's a big rivalry, so I imagine things could get pretty ugly, but probably not like playing @ Tech.
  12. WhatTheFrog

    "Meet the Frogs" Roll Call

    Who plans on going? I've met/talked to players in ways that were "enlightening" in the past, to say the least. I've also talked to players' parents that stood in line, for whatever reason. I love talking to players' famiiies because they always have a story or two to tell about their kid. It's...
  13. WhatTheFrog

    OT - Check out my junk!

    It's not actually MY junk, but you know... Can you find the snake in the picture?
  14. WhatTheFrog

    Anyone have any positive news?

    It seems that, every time I visit here now, there is some bad or sad news. I'm not sure why I keep punishing myself by visiting this site. Anyone have something positive or happy they would like to share? I'll start. It's Friday. The weekend begins for a lot of us! That's about all I have.
  15. WhatTheFrog

    We were playing Monopoly tonight...

    and I bought Park Place AND Boardwalk! I put hotels on both and raked in the cash! I bought club seats and donated to the Frog Club with my proceeds. I got +4 seats on the west side as well. I won't fill those because I don't have to. Love me, jackwagons! I'm posting on the sports related...
  16. WhatTheFrog

    East side bricks

    The bricks that we paid for on the east side where the old Frog Alley was...did they destroy those or are they going to remain? I would've liked to have mine before they destroyed it, if they did. Anyone know the disposition of the bricks?
  17. WhatTheFrog

    Finally! I have the 1939 Sugar Bowl Program scanned...

    Is there a preferred place to upload it to so that everyone can check it out? I have it in page-numerical order. This is purely for each of your enjoyment. I enjoy sharing it with each of you so that you can check it out at your leisure. Hopefully, you'll find some enjoyment out of it...
  18. WhatTheFrog

    Where to find tix to NIT 1st round?

    I've looked on GoFrogs and StubHub, but can't find any. Are they not available yet?
  19. WhatTheFrog

    Thank you, Bob Sugar!

    I will be attending my first ever TCU basketball game, thanks to him. Me and 3 other cohorts will be in attendance. This will be their first TCU basketball experience as well. I just want to say that the folks on this site are awesome. I've hosted other people's friends for football games...
  20. WhatTheFrog

    Football scholarship question

    I can't find it now, but I read something here in the last day or two that had to do with the "parent portal" and I'm pretty sure that it said that we would be short 2 scholarships next season because SR and Snell are transferring out (down from a total roster size of 85 to 83). Is this true...