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  1. ftwfrog

    GoFrogs: TCU Baseball at Phillips 66 Big 12 Championships Preview

    I’m really glad I wasn’t there.
  2. ftwfrog

    GoFrogs: TCU Baseball Walks Off In Grand Fashion

    I still can’t get over that missile in the top of the ninth.
  3. ftwfrog

    TCU Men's Tennis 2021-2022

    Refresh my memory. We play the first round at home, then the sweet 16 and beyond is in Orlando?
  4. ftwfrog

    TCU Men's Tennis 2021-2022

    Not to sound like an idiot, is this also at TCU? And I’m guessing indoors, due to projected rain? Will fans be allowed indoors?
  5. ftwfrog

    bane -

    He’s good at basketball.
  6. ftwfrog

    Lubbock A-J: TCU holds off No. 5 Tech for second win in three-game series

    I don’t understand that one either. They trying to show their players how scrappy they are? What are they going to do if they aren’t being held back, get into a wrestling match?
  7. ftwfrog

    Team Leader at UT in trouble for excessive truth-telling

    GP would only take over if sark fails miserably this year and UT heads to the SEC in 2023. He couldn’t possibly coach in the Big 12 again, every team knows his signals. Sorry, it never gets old.
  8. ftwfrog

    GoFrogs: Baseball at No. 16 Dallas Baptist Preview

    I know we’ve played less-than-stellar baseball the last 2.5 weeks but man we’ve had some bad luck.
  9. ftwfrog

    FWST: TCU’s Mike Miles mulling decision on future: ‘I don’t know if I’m quite ready to leave’

    Are you trying to say that Jesus Christ can’t hit a free throw?
  10. ftwfrog

    Football Season Tix renewal

    That’s what she said!!
  11. ftwfrog

    OT - Mavericks Parking

    TRE doesn’t run on Sundays. Remember we have the worst public transportation in the world here in north Texas.
  12. ftwfrog

    GoFrogs: Baseball hosts Kansas State Series Preview

    I love the raucous crowd, but I really hope they don’t chant “3 more outs! 3 more outs!” In a big, close game.
  13. ftwfrog

    TCU Men's Tennis 2021-2022

    Although we got blasted, it’s still fun to be out at the courts again, the absolute perfect weather may have something to do with it. What a crowd. That’s the biggest crowd I’ve seen out there. For the record, Coach Dixon took part in the Tennis/Baseball double dip. What a guy!
  14. ftwfrog

    TCU Men's Tennis 2021-2022

    Im pretty hyper about the match Friday. I know it’s not a conference match, but should be awesome. Hopefully a good crowd. Will the tailgater trailer be there?
  15. ftwfrog

    GoFrogs: Baseball at Abilene Christian Preview

    Thanks. Both coaches were glad the game was supposedly over and the umps wanted to keep playing? They get paid by the hour?
  16. ftwfrog

    GoFrogs: Baseball at Abilene Christian Preview

    Cliff Notes on the disagreement for those of us who didn’t see it? Who was upset?
  17. ftwfrog

    Funky Town football jerseys this season?

    scheiss it. Let’s do it!!
  18. ftwfrog

    USA Today: Fans called out Arizona's poor sportsmanship following the overtime win against TCU

    I have zero issues with 19 year olds waving good bye to our crowd, or with someone throwing up the “L”. They’re 19 and there was talking the whole game. Now, the Rudy wannabe who went 1 for 10, and decided to stand behind our players and mock our alma mater? scheiss that guy. And I couldn’t even...
  19. ftwfrog

    FWST: There is no NCAA NIL without the famous uncle of TCU forward Chuck O’Bannon Jr.

    I loved that team. The O’Bannons, Toby Bailey, George Zidek, Tyus Edney. JR Henderson and Cameron Dollar off the bench. Good lord, I couldn’t tell you what I did yesterday, but I’ve got you covered with generic sports names from the mid 90s.