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  1. Tony Lema

    GoFrogs: TCU Baseball at Phillips 66 Big 12 Championships Preview

    But did you buy for a shower make-over from West Shore Homes?
  2. Tony Lema

    OT - Movies thread

    Totally agree.
  3. Tony Lema

    A&M and Alabama

    Jimbo really hopes nobody investigates the coverup of Jameis Winston's shenanigans that resulted in FSU paying a female hundreds of thousands of dollars to keep her mouth shut. He is a hypocrite and a liar. But we already know that.
  4. Tony Lema

    Football Season Tix renewal

    Thanks. We are not able to climb that much.
  5. Tony Lema

    Football Season Tix renewal

    There appear to be some seats at the top of 234 on the East Side. For those that sit up there, is it in the shade and do you have to climb many steps to get up there?
  6. Tony Lema

    Football Season Tix renewal

    What sections/seats are under the Club overhang?
  7. Tony Lema

    GoFrogs: DBU Rallies Past TCU Tuesday Night

    I would have liked to have seen the return on small ball (bunt) to tie the score, then take my chances from there. But that doesn't seem to be in the playbook any longer.
  8. Tony Lema

    FWST: Team Purple won TCU football’s spring game. Did a QB start to separate himself too?

    From what I understand, the read option play had to be either a pass or handoff, the option for the QB to read, keep, and run was not available. Too much risk of injury.
  9. Tony Lema

    Outrage! TCU says students must walk!

    It said the cost to maintain the gas carts and wanting to be environmentally conscious were factors. Buy electric golf carts. Problem solved.
  10. Tony Lema

    Masters week!

    PGA Tour app
  11. Tony Lema

    2021-2022 Transfer Portal Thread

    Like having a coach on the court. Nothing but respect for him and wish him the best wherever he goes.
  12. Tony Lema

    OT:Will Smith Punches Chris Rock at Oscars

    Not a fan of either one.
  13. Tony Lema

    Day 2 of the March Madness! (How to watch)

    NCAA March Madness app.
  14. Tony Lema

    FWST: TCU’s NCAA Tourney win solidifies what a disaster Pitt made letting Jamie Dixon leave

    It wasn’t that long ago there were numerous posts disappointed Dixon didn’t leave to take the UCLA job.
  15. Tony Lema

    2021-2022 TCU Baseball Thread

    There is a free app called Radio Garden. Once you open it, you can type in any radio station in the world, if you know their call letters. It has never failed me. Saved KTCU as a favorite. Or you can move the circle and maneuver it over any city in the world, and it will show you the...