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    Who is going to start the thread to begin the process of firing the coach as a result of this losing habit/streak?
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    OT Frog in commercial

    Anyone notice the 3/10 of a second sight of a purple TCU frog on a chiminea in a Nebraska Furniture Mart commercial?
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    OT: Weather deja vu again

    In my short 70-year life, I have seen a repetition of two major weather events....1964, 12.1 inches of snow and 2010, 12.5 inches of snow....1989, -1 degree and 2021, -2 degrees....Please Lort, no repeat of 1980's 113 degrees.....
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    The Day After....

    At least we're not on the coast....
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    Cumbie distraction?

    How much might the Cumbie situation be a distraction for the bowl game? Franchione's parading around at the bowl game after taking the Alabama job seemed to represent a level of disruption with the Frogs losing to Southern Mississippi 28-21.....
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    Another postponed game?

    I heard Baylor and Houston will not play this weekend....Corona, of course....
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    OT: How the hootenanny to get rid of Infolinks

    Anyone know how to block the grating Infolinks that pops up on the screen when I open any page and obscures the screen and the messages?
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    Need A game next week

    West Virginia defense looking salty in first half against Oklahoma State....
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    No predictions?

    A UT hangover
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    We are hurting SMU's strength of schedule....And the season in general is in an SOS standing now....
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    Spelling change

    Any chance Delton could drop the "e" and substitute with an "a"? Andy and the Patrick Swayze bouncer in "Roadhouse" were pretty badazzzz....
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    On the horizon....

    Retirement is the only graceful way out....