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  1. Fiscuits

    Beard Backers - What would it take for Chris to be on your "hot seat"?

    It is Texas after all. The place where any one who is anything, goes to finally end their careers. (Just look at the oh so desperate, Gary Patterson as an example). However, what has Coach Beard done, really. One great season at TECH...cash'$ in for Austin and...? They let TCU back in the...
  2. Fiscuits

    Roditi Backers - Why doesn't Dave have a statue in front of Friedman?

    For all the positive steps I have made happen for TCU Athletics, with the suggested removal of dead weight coaches....THIS GUY is the only one who is meeting the bar that should be the standard for ALL TCU coaches....NATIONAL CHAMPIONSHIPS!!!!! Why isn't anyone doing what I am doing and...
  3. Fiscuits

    Pebley Backers - What Would it Take for Reagan to be on your "hot seat"?

    I could go through all the trouble with listing stats about our Woman's basketball program..but what is the point. None of you have been to the games and most don't even know who Reagan Pebley is. However, the program is significantly less competitive than the program she inherited from...
  4. Fiscuits

    Jamie Backers - What Would it Take for Jamie to be on your "hot seat"?

    Well, didn't think I'd have to come back on here and get progress started again so soon within our athletic department...but here I am. All kidding aside, what has Jamie Dixon done to earn keeping his job and not fired at the end of the season? Nothing personal. I "like" Jamie. Super nice guy...
  5. Fiscuits

    Happy Thanksgiving! and Farewell

    To all of FFF Nation - I took an almost 12 year sabbatical from FFF, the day TCU joined the Big 12 (that only had 10). However, once the LHCGMFP PGMGRS (poor game management geriatric road show) had reached it's lowest point; I felt compelled (scholars might later argue "called"), by a...
  6. Fiscuits

    Feel sorry for Cincy

    Watching Gameday and how happy a Cincy fans are….knowing how sad they will be in four weeks. They will never get in CFP. Entire system is so rigged that I almost don’t care about CFB any longer. Almost….
  7. Fiscuits

    Parting is sweet sorrow

    While today’s announcement is 5 years over due - I would be (we all would be) remiss to dance on the end of Gary’s career at TCU. His teams gave me some of the greatest times with my family on Saturdays that I could never recreate if I tried. He’ll always be a legend in Fort Worth and at TCU...
  8. Fiscuits

    I am not Matt Jennings….

    But this sums it up perfectly…..