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    Frogs San Diego Roll Call

    I can’t go this year so it’s just me asking for future reference, but did anyone buy tickets from the ticket office? I’m a season ticket holder but never was contacted about NCAA tickets this year.
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    Men’s hoops tonight vs lavender

    I’ll have two tickets available for a Frog fan who can make it.
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    Horned Frogs v Utah Utes

    No, it’s been at the Alamodome for the last several years because of the growth of SXSW.
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    Zach Evans

    This is the same guy who said Rattler was off the team & in the portal 2 weeks ago. Ignore.
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    Targeting Call on TJ Carter

    The replay official makes the determination. The referee has been given a monitor in recent years while they communicate with the replay official so the referee can better explain the call. As to the length of the review - the replay official knows when TV is on break, which they did on this...
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    Frogs v OSU - ESPN+

    Because it’s not goaltending to slap the backboard. On any level of basketball.
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    2019-2020 TCU basketball thread

    PM me if you can use my 2 tickets to the Oklahoma State game.
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    Season ticket deliveries? ATO Frog?

    I got a FedEx Delivery Manager email showing my tickets were shipped today.
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    GoFrogs: Game notes for tonight's Eastern Michigan-TCU game

    I also have 2 free tickets to anyone who can use them. PM me your email address.
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    I’m off the Cumbie bandwagon

    They were talking about Kenny Perry.
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    Detroit Roll Call

    In +1 Does anyone know when the ticket office is notifying fans whether they were allocated tickets?