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  1. WhatTheFrog

    Baylor Lariat: Eighth-seed Baylor baseball primed for postseason, awaits top-seed TCU

    I don't think primed means what they think it means.
  2. WhatTheFrog

    Kansas baseball coach retires

    Good thing for them that they have basketball.
  3. WhatTheFrog

    Yahoo! Sports: Divisions in college football look like a thing of the past

    Changing things for Ohio State's benefit again. No surprise there.
  4. WhatTheFrog

    GoFrogs: DBU Rallies Past TCU Tuesday Night

    Hopefully they tighten things up for this weekend.
  5. WhatTheFrog

    4th best improvement by ranking in MBB

    Started out at #140? Wow.
  6. WhatTheFrog

    Globe Life Field

    That might work. It kinda looks like an inverted piss trough already and it would complement the American Standard Stadium down in Waco.
  7. WhatTheFrog

    FWST: TCU basketball’s Jamie Dixon surprised by Jay Wright’s sudden retirement

    I'd say that is likely the case for the vast majority of the ones that jump from school to school.
  8. WhatTheFrog

    247 Sports: TCU WR Quincy Brown having a great spring, says big things are coming for receivers

    He didn't mention Duggan when talking about the quarterbacks. Unsure how much to read into that.
  9. WhatTheFrog

    Toxic Culture

    It's always toxic when things don't go your way these days.
  10. WhatTheFrog

    Hoops 5-star Leonard Miller—brother of Emmanuel

    He makes 3s AND FTs?* Find this young man some NIL money stat! *I don't know his % on 3s or FTs.
  11. WhatTheFrog

    Football Season Tix renewal

    They will just transfer more in. Not a big deal for them.
  12. WhatTheFrog

    FWST: Arizona basketball star ‘does not recall’ touching TCU Showgirl but wants to apologize

    I guess he has plenty of time to try to recall the touch now.
  13. WhatTheFrog

    DMN: TCU fans, others know there’s something foul about March Madness and what it’s become

    If they are going to "let them play" and have the players decide the winner, at least do it on both ends. Don't no-call a car collision on one end and whistle touch fouls on the other.
  14. WhatTheFrog

    Funky Town football jerseys this season?

    Not a fan. 1. Seems a little SMU-ish. 2. I think the only place I've heard of the reference of FW as "Funky Town" is on this forum. Now, if the local newspaper was renamed to Funky Town Startlegram... I still wouldn't read it.
  15. WhatTheFrog

    Arizona Republic: Arizona basketball players slammed for postgame antics after NCAA Tournament win over TCU

    I wish nothing but the exact same thing for their players and fans.
  16. WhatTheFrog

    TCU vs Seton Hall Game Thread

    Did @LisaLT make the game?