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  1. bmoney214

    Steel is a talented guy.....

    How many new members have you created in the last few hours? And still posting under your own account on top of that.
  2. bmoney214

    Sewo / HOF game

    Sewo just had a 17 yard catch and run. Also had a carry for no gain.
  3. bmoney214

    Noah Daniels tweet

  4. bmoney214

    TCU vs texas game 3

    Let's beat these ugly ass burnt orange wearing scheissers and win the Big 12 title today!!!!!
  5. bmoney214

    TCU VS texas game 2

    Porter Brown is hitting leadoff today.
  6. bmoney214

    TCU vs okie lite game 2

    Finally got a chance to see some Frog baseball in person. Thanks @Purp. It's chilly out here. Hope the wind stops blowing.
  7. bmoney214

    If you could pick....

    If you can pick ONE athlete ever to have an injury-free career (from beginning to end), who are you choosing? I would pick Ken Griffey Jr. Hard to believe that he wouldn't have broke the homerun record if he had stayed healthy. Was never the same player after he left Seattle. Bo Jackson is by...
  8. bmoney214

    TCU vs Texas State

  9. bmoney214

    What's a sports photo(or video)that you'll remember forever?

    What are some sports photos or videos that you'll always remember? Good, bad, happy or sad. Let's see what yall got.
  10. bmoney214

    The Transfer Portal claims another one...

    This time it's Kellton Hollins. Seemed like a good guy. Good luck Kellton.
  11. bmoney214

    Innis Gaines

    Signed by the Packers today. Another Frog on a playoff team. Congratulations Innis. Add him to the list.
  12. bmoney214

    Another 11am game....

  13. bmoney214

    Other games- Nov.6/7

    This Miami-NC State game has been entertaining. Miami just took the lead, 44-41, with a 54 yd td. And as I'm typing this, Miami just got an interception on a tipped pass with 2:36 left in the game. One first down and this one is over.
  14. bmoney214

    Uniforms for ou

    Not that anyone seems to care about the game this week. Personally this is my favorite uniform combo.
  15. bmoney214

    Poll: Will you attend a game once sports resume?

    So ESPN posted a story about how Americans won't attended sporting events unless there's a vaccine available for the coronavirus. It was a very small number (762) of people that were polled and apparently not all of them were sports fans...
  16. bmoney214


    It's finally here! One of my favorite days of the year. See yall at the Carter tonight.
  17. bmoney214

    What is the world coming to...

    Just saw this on twitter.
  18. bmoney214

    If you could pick.....

    If you could pick any former Frog to be on this year's team, who would it be? If Justin Rodgers is healthy, I'm picking Josh Doctson. Josh and Reagor on the field together would be a deadly combination.
  19. bmoney214

    It's all my fault...

    This season is all on me. It's my fault that we suck this year. I never should have left the south endzone. That's where I have sat for the last 6 years then this year I moved to the north endzone and look what's happened. I apologize everybody.