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  1. Armadillo

    TCU Men's Tennis 2021-2022

    Darn it.
  2. Armadillo

    GoFrogs: No. 20 TCU Baseball at Kansas Preview

    I know. I’m tempting the baseball gods. But if we lose I’ll sacrifice a bucket, or 5, of chicken to JoBoo
  3. Armadillo

    GoFrogs: No. 20 TCU Baseball at Kansas Preview

    Q, I dare you to post it early!!
  4. Armadillo

    The Official Game 3 thread v. OU.

    What an idiotic post. You are an idiot. Ban this fool above.
  5. Armadillo

    The Official Game 3 thread v. OU.

    Knee jerk reaction with the bases loaded for the bad guys…. Jesus H Christ
  6. Armadillo

    The Official Game 3 thread v. OU.

    I’m ready for TCU to come out and have a dominating performance. I want us to score first. And score a lot first. No drama. No nail biter. Too much to ask for? Go Frogs!!!
  7. Armadillo

    GoFrogs: TCU Baseball at Florida State Preview

    Between PB, PF and FL, this could be the worst page in the history of FFF. :cool::rolleyes::cool:
  8. Armadillo

    2021-2022 Transfer Portal Thread

    Self reflection is trait not known on this board. Yet you are a PEACEfulFROG.
  9. Armadillo

    GoFrogs: No. 7 TCU Baseball vs DBU Preview

    I agree some can be hit or miss, but the good ones make me laugh. “Do you really need a sign to remind you to Live Laugh & Love?” Some of them are really funny. From the 2nd half of the sign commercial....
  10. Armadillo

    Ok State Game 1 Thread...

    Ain’t nobody watching Pharm. espn app was a mess for the BB game but we WON our football game which was televised on RaycomMax as well as HSE+. Hooray!
  11. Armadillo

    OT: San Jacinto Day!

    Ahhhh....so that’s why my wife had a “skeleton crew” day at the Attorney General‘s office today. She’s been there for 25+ years but I still never understand some of those days off. Well, I understand San Jac day, just not some of the others. :cool::cool:
  12. Armadillo

    GoFrogs: No. 21 TCU Baseball hosts No. 4 Texas Tech Preview

    That bottle of Vitameatavegamin looks a lot like a bottle of Jägermeister.
  13. Armadillo

    Leonard Miller

    I will lose exactly zero winks of sleep over this news. Sincerely, Boomer ps....please respect my grumpy old man take.
  14. Armadillo

    FWST: Marcel Brooks is having fun playing linebacker again for TCU football

    I actually like his answer. He seems like a dude that loves football and wants to be at TCU. You can tell he is very excited to be playing defense again. Didn't throw anyone under the bus but clearly happy with the new opportunity.
  15. Armadillo


    Probably Fiscuits. You should DM him. You both have a lot in common.